MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A man was arrested early Saturday morning after he was caught stealing beer from a Valero gas station.

The store clerk said it was the second time in two weeks the man tried stealing from the gas station at Northwest 79th Street and 5th Court.

The clerk, Arlynx Bruno said, “Last week he come to steal beer and broke the door and he went out and I call police, but police can’t find them.”

This time, however, there was no escaping the crime.

The store clerk locked the thief inside the store and called police.

The thief was seen kicking in the door and trying to pry it open with his hands and then a beer bottle.

Bruno said, “I locked him inside and then he tried to break the left door, the right door, the left door, the right door. He said, ‘Oh guy, you got me today.’”

Amber Diaz


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