TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) — An important issue that has become a political sticking point is heading for lawmakers.

A bill to ban so-called sanctuary policies in Florida is going to the House floor.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 12-6 Tuesday in favor of the bill that would require that local law enforcement agencies cooperate with federal authorities that enforce immigration law.

Immigrants and their advocates oppose the bill, saying it will be abused by law enforcement. The American Civil Liberties Union used Twitter last week to warn immigrants and people of color to be cautious while traveling in Florida.

But Republican Rep. Cord Byrd said no one has to worry about his bill unless they’ve been arrested. He called the ACLU warning “irresponsible.”

The bill would require law enforcement to hold an arrested individual for 48 hours if that person is subject of a federal immigration detainer.

A similar Senate bill has its final committee stop Wednesday.

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  1. Kenneth Newman says:

    WE will ALL need sanctuary from this sicko Republican governed Floriduh legislature soon…This is after all, the same government body that hates women, loves its guns and bibles, unethically makes money from state approved for-profit charter schools, and worships Donald Trump….Just think how well Floriduh would look if 5,000,000 sun worshipers went to California or New Mexico instead….. and spent their money in these honest states….

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