OPA-LOCKA (CBSMiami) – A Florida man is charged with hacking into a Miami Western Union by using a USB infected with malware. Police say Vasile Savu, of Hollywood, was able to steal $32,000 from the business and he tried to do it a second time at a second business.

According to the police arrest report, Savu walked into the Western Union on 1817 SW 8th Street on April 3 and asked the cashier to print out his flight itinerary from his USB. The cashier plugged the USB into the computer and located the file he wanted. While she was doing this, a virus was already being installed into the computer and it immediately began to malfunction.

A few days later, states the affidavit, the same cashier complained to the owner, Jerry Marzano, that the computer was still distorted and the cursor was moving on its own without anyone touching the mouse. Marzano searched the computer and found several fraudulent transactions had been made and the original settings on the computer had been modified.

Marzano looked over the surveillance footage of the day Savu came in and sent a clear  image of Savu to the rest of his Western Union business locations. If Savu were to go into another Western Union location owned by Marzano, employees were instructed to stall him, contact Marzano, and he would then contact authorities.

Then, on April 10, Savu walked into an Opa-Locka Western Union, owned by Marzano and attempted to use the same technique to get the teller to plug his USB into the computer. However, the employee recognized Savu from the picture. She stalled him, contacted Marzano, who called police.

Savu was taken into custody and transported to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He has several charges including grand theft and identity fraud. His USB drive was impounded as evidence as well.

Savu remains jailed on $75,000 bond.


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