MIAMI (CBS Miami)- The farewell tour for Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is nearing its end. With just two regular season games left, and only one home game, the team is a full game out of the eighth and final playoff spot.

While there is still some hope of making the playoffs, the larger focus is on paying tribute to Wade and all that he has done for the franchise in his 16 seasons.

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On that front, Budweiser released a tribute video to the Heat star today that is outside of what you would normally expect. While most tribute videos focus on highlights from the player’s career and the best moments within, the company has taken a different tact with their version.

The four minute video begins with showing the wall of jerseys that Wade has collected from other stars during this final tour through the NBA. Then, it focuses in on four jerseys that are, a bit different than you’d normally see in a swap because these come from fans whose lives Wade has impacted over the years.

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The four people paying tribute are Wade’s mom, Jolinda Wade, Andrea Oliver, the sister of Parkland school shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, Merrilyn Beard-Breland, a mother whose house burned down shortly before Christmas and a young man who was inspired by Wade to persevere through the struggles that surrounded him in his neighborhood.

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Fair warning, the video is an emotional one, so you may want to have some tissues handy.

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Gatorade also released a touching tribute video to Wade, with an assist to superstar John Legend, which can be seen below.