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FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Three Spring Breakers from the Hoosier State have quite a story to tell after they turned the tables on a man who tried to rob them at gunpoint.

It happened early Sunday morning after a night of partying on Miami Beach.

The four men, brothers and cousins in their 20s, stopped around 3:30 a.m. to fill up at Mobil gas station on Oakland Park Boulevard. Three of the men were visiting from Indiana, the fourth lives here.

As they were pumping gas a man, with a covering over his face and handgun, got out of the passenger side of another car at the pumps and ran up to them.

“It didn’t seem real, it seemed like it was out of a movie,” said Alec Tanoos. “He just walked up and had the gun on me.”

“And he said give me everything you got,” said Alec’s 27-year-old brother Jacob.

Jacob, the tallest and oldest of the group, said he didn’t think but did the unthinkable when he grabbed the gun that was pointed at his little brother.

“I tried to move it, like tried to move it kinda up just away from my head, his head, anybody really, just in case he does pull the trigger,” he said. “I was just waiting to hear a gunshot go off.”

Another in the group, Alex Wisbey, then grabbed the gunman from behind and he and Jacob wrestled him to the ground. Jacob then began to repeatedly punch the gunman as the whole family joined in.

At this time the driver who was with the gunman got out the car and joined the fight.



“We’re trying to wrestle around for the gun, I get in, I finally get my hand on the gun and I jerk it away, at this time the guy had come up,” said Alex’ brother Aric Wisbey.

Arick then pointed the gun at the two attackers.

“Once I raise the gun they both took off back to their car and we were just screaming,” said Aric. “He did raise his hands and he was telling me like calm down, give me the gun, and we’ll just leave.”

Both the gunman and his friend got in their car and drove off.

The brothers were able to provide the tag of the car to Broward sheriff’s deputies.

Jacob said his family had a funny response to what happened.

“They all think I’m crazy,” he said.

Alex said it all happened so quick, he thinks instinct took over.

“I knew that there was a possibility that I could be shot and killed, I knew that, that’s my family, you know we die for each other,” he said.

The driver, Kevin Campbell, was arrested later that day.

Sheriff’s investigators are still looking for the gunman.

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  1. John Sorger says:

    Black Crimes Matter

  2. Dan Kvasnicka says:


  3. John Oakman says:

    One of the students is a chicken—he didn’t try and help his buds.

  4. Ron Robideau says:

    two out of four did not help,spineless should have been feet and hand flying.

  5. Jon Welsh says:

    Nice seeing people fighting back for a change. #NeverAVictim

  6. Want to identify the gunman? Give the driver the Jack Bauer treatment until he gives up his partner’s name.

  7. Bobby Sargent says:

    I would have shot they ass with they own gun! Stand your ground!

    1. Willis Forster says:

      You would go to jail for shooting an unarmed man then.

  8. Jonah Kyle says:

    Obviously, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are going to put a fatwa on these White Supremacist partiers, claiming reparations and whatnot. If this happened in Chicago, Foxx the prosecutor would be after them (the white dudes) for a HATE CRIME…

  9. Bob Josephs says:

    White privileged college students violently blocking young black men from working

  10. should of disarmed the “hood rat” and put 2 rds in his head !

  11. Dawn Rise Sunny says:

    Is it correct to ask these two questions?
    1. From which race were the robbers?
    2. People from which race commit most of the violent crimes in US?