By Joan Murray

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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – In anticipation of extremely large Spring Break crowds, Miami Beach police will be out in force starting Friday.

The department said they will be increasing staffing to the highest level.

An additional 80 officers from the department will be deployed, along with bringing in more than 70 officers from outside agencies to assist.

“It is vital that our residents feel safe in our city — nothing is more important than preserving quality of life,” said Mayor Dan Gelber. “We also welcome all visitors as long as they follow our laws and respect our community. This is not a place where anything goes, and if that is their reason for coming here, they should go elsewhere.”

Two or more officers will be stationed at the intersections of 5th Street & Collins Avenue and 5th Street and Washington Avenue. Officers are also being deployed at fixed posts at every intersection on Collins and Washington from 6th street up to Lincoln Road.

Map of where Miami Beach police will be deployed. (Source: Miami Beach Police)

Two dozen officers in protective gear will patrol the beach throughout the weekend and seize alcohol and drugs.

Gelber said a big part of the problem is day drinking on the beach which leads to trouble later.

“People are coming on to Ocean Drive, they’ve been drinking, maybe smoking pot. It becomes a block party and then it becomes something worse than that. We’re trying to stop that from happening,” he said.

Police figure the best way to stop it is to stop the booze from flowing on the beach.

“If you have an open container, beer or liquor in it, they’re going to ask you politely to pour it out and if you don’t they’re going to arrest you. And if you’re smoking pot they’re going to ask you to put it out, if you don’t they’re going to arrest you,” said Gelber.

Barricades and all-terrain vehicles will be used to disperse crowds and prisoner transport vans will be parked on the beach to remind Spring Breakers to obey the rules.

The city will also be taking new steps to protect the residents in the Flamingo Park and South of Fifth neighborhoods, the two residential zones immediately abutting the entertainment district. They will be establishing a residential boundary around the entire Flamingo Park area, which will take effect both Friday and Saturday evenings. Flamingo Park residents should carry a photo ID with them to access the area.

The MacArthur Causeway License Plate Reader detail that was previously on the causeway will be moved onto 5th Street, and the Julia Tuttle Causeway LPR detail will commence later in the evenings. This change aims to balance public safety without compounding traffic woes. The Julia Tuttle will have two lanes open at all times and one lane closed this weekend during the following times: Friday, March 22, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.; Saturday, March 23, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

In addition to maintaining Ocean Drive as pedestrian only, the city will also remove parking on Collins Avenue between 5th and 15th streets this weekend to enhance the flow of traffic.

“I thank all of our law enforcement and first responders for working long, difficult days and nights to keep us safe and for exercising their best judgment under trying circumstances. We appreciate their service,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

The city is also stepping up code enforcement and citing establishments in violation, like this past weekend when one club was cited and shut down for being over capacity.

City officials said this year’s crowds have been about a third larger than last year, with more boozing, brawling, and drugs.

Here is a sobering fact; the cost of spring break to Miami Beach taxpayers in 2017-18 was $1.078 million.

In 2018-19 the original projection was $1.1 million. Now that number is up to $1.5 million.

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  1. Jim Hyland says:

    Why is the world so divided and human morality in severe decline? God’s prolonged spiritual judgment is upon us. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  2. These people going berserk, did they have anything in common?

    1. Yes, actually. A majority of the arrests have been non-student locals!

    2. Pete Patrick says:

      hey white people do this toooooo. Right? hahahahahahahaha

    3. Dave Johnson says:

      Yes….alcohol and drugs.

  3. David Scott Stephens says:

    Can we ask Russia to nuke the liberal strong holds in the US without us retailiating? Who needs these moral cesspits anyway.

    1. Own Paradise says:

      We have the same issue in Texas, but not nearly to the extent FL has. The common thread, none of these fools are from the state they are trying to destroy. Go back to your northeast, and midwest $hitholes and leave our states alone.

      1. Spring breakers are an easy target here…but there’s more to it. A majority of the “spring breaker” arrests were actually non-student locals! The people going to party with the spring breakers.

  4. We may be heading for another Flood. Obey the Lord’s teachings and you wont get wet.

    1. My crazy superstition is better than yours.

  5. From the Miami Herald on March 20:

    “But on Tuesday, city officials said they believed South Florida residents were mostly to blame for the raucous behavior. Of the 97 people arrested this past weekend, more than half were from the tri-county area, Oates said. Just 11 of those arrested identified themselves as college students, although Oates acknowledged that others may have been students as well.”

  6. Chris Brooks says:

    Everybody is up in arms about Trump’s wall on the southern border. In Florida, we should be more concerned with a wall on our northern border. Drunks, Yankees and hood rats, good home.

    1. 11 out of 97 arrests last weekend were of students. More than half of the arrests were locals from tri-county area! These are “homegrown” problems.

  7. Philip Navarro says:

    Just don’t let the black people in keep them separate and see if there are any problems….sounds like tough love but it may prove a point that no one wants to hear ……

  8. Kevin Bearly says:

    Ban all people of color and there will be no problems.

  9. iratenate says:

    As if these idiots need a break from partying all year pretending they’re getting an education.

  10. blablingo says:

    Sex and Alcohol have always been a staple of Spring Break. Not the greatest in one’s academic achievement.

    However, It wasn’t until Spring Break got “darker” that violence started becoming an expected staple with it.

  11. Pete Patrick says:

    white people do this tooooo? NOPE

  12. Samuel Green says:

    It’s rather shocking to see than man in the video knock out that woman, but whats really shocking is the 25 people taking videos of it rather than lending aid to that woman.

  13. Aimee Burcham says:

    It’s only the black people who are fighting. Just look at the videos. Diversity is NOT our strength.

  14. David King says:

    So 97 arrest 11 were college students , more then half were try county area locals . so by the videos and pic. 75% were of color, Heres A idea don’t let them leave until they kill each other just like gladiator games , problem solved , Remember diversity is grand and the culture is enriching

  15. Big Mama says:

    Keep the “Of colors” out and it;ll calm waaay down..They come from outta the area and bring drugs and want to have sex with the colorless girls

  16. Brad Michael Tankersley says:

    Toss their arses in jail and throw away the keys. Send ’em to labor camps, make-em break rock.
    Chain Gangs on the highway till they drop, then send them off to Venezuela.

  17. David Nesbit says:

    It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby .

  18. Hal Slusher says:

    Of course you go to Miami to act out. But the money is to hard to pass up so they whine but no one will get really punished because that’s how Miami rolls.

  19. Edmond Day says:

    send them to NOKO

  20. George Hetzel says:

    This worked okay when it was mostly white college students. Today’s demographics can’t handle these kinds of situations.

  21. I am glad PCB FL ran these drunks off

  22. Mike Stein says:

    It’s the worst of the locals feasting on the college students like in-land sharks. Hyped up on drugs and rap. C’mon Obama…go down there and lecture those folks on twerking, weed and wasting their lives and endangering countless others.

  23. john L says:

    Mostly blacks causing trouble.

  24. john L says:

    I wonder how many girls will get Ra Ped?

  25. If I were Miami I would ban spring brake and during this time I would enact a curfew of 10PM till 6AM on anyone between the ages of 15 to 25 and if they are out must be accompanied but and adult over the age of 50 or they will be fined $500. Also anyone caught drunk and disorderly will face a minimum fine of $1000 along with a $500 fine if they are out after curfew without and adult over the age of 50

    you want to act like children then we’ll treat you like children

  26. Kim Ama says:

    Diversity makes us stronger. ;D

  27. John Redman says:

    Looks like a bunch of blacks brawling to me.

  28. Jay Valentino says:

    Yeah, let’s lower the voting age to 16! Look how mature these people are, how responsible! And they are 18.

  29. Roderick Goggenheimer says:

    Blacks doing what blacks do.

  30. Tommy Lewis says:

    I didn’t get where this was taking place. Was it in South Africa or where? Pathetic.

  31. Andy Browning says:

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  32. Paully Revere says:

    So much for calling a spade, a spade.

  33. Peter York says:

    it’s so nice to see stories about white people for a change.

  34. Patrick Cronin says:

    Maybe if they banned de students from T Boogaloo U the beach would be less rowdy.

  35. Bang Stick says:

    I find it hilarious that everyone knows what the problem is but no one can say anything about it.

  36. common denominator? i think we all know what it is.