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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Talk about a crude awakening! You were not dreaming earlier this week when you saw a spike in gas prices.

South Florida gas stations and stations across the Sunshine State saw a jump of an average of about 15 cents, according to the American Automobile Association.

“Since early February, gasoline demand has been steadily increasing while stocks have been gradually decreasing causing more expensive pump prices across the country,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “The good news is most motorists are not paying more than they were a year ago to fill up.”

The national gas price average stands at $2.54, 23-cents more than last month.

AAA says the national gas price average the past four days was identical or a penny more expensive year-over-year.

Another reason for the price increase is the fact that summer-blend gasoline is hitting the market. This blend requires more additives and therefore is more expensive to produce.

Florida was only second to Kentucky in states seeing the biggest jumps in price, with more than 15 cents, according to AAA.

The least expensive markets in the US are: South Carolina ($2.30), Mississippi ($2.30), Arkansas ($2.30), Alabama ($2.30), Utah ($2.31), Missouri ($2.32), Texas ($2.32), Wyoming ($2.32), Louisiana ($2.33) and New Mexico ($2.33).

Comments (14)
  1. Mike Arvand says:

    OMG prices are rising. oh wait. not it’s just that summer gas blends are more expensive. aaah. good old sensationalist journalism. and they wonder why media is dying.

  2. James Knox says:


  3. Springtime. Time for the harvest of the gas price gouger preying on Boobus Americanus.

  4. tjguy says:

    Summer blend gasoline in winter? WHY?

  5. Ken Jorgensen says:

    Oil companies profit from a manufactured shortage. 50 years ago there were many more gas stations and, gasp, gas price wars. In my area, we used to have Arco and others. Arco stations have now become, mostly, 76 stations with much higher prices. One must be strategic in gassing up, driving, then finding the next Arco for reasonable prices, otherwise, the wallet is emptied into a 76 or even more expensive Chevron station.

  6. Thomas Miller says:

    Summer gas is more expensive to produce but we get better MPG using it. So what the EPA requires is that in winter we use more resources, burning more gas, producing more polutione, burning more gas, ets. etc. etc…………………..

    1. Tom Walter says:

      They change the formula because of temperature change. Gasoline evaporates faster in hot weather. A summer blend may not run at all in some cars in the winter if the temperature is low enough. On the other end of the scale, winter blend can cause knocking, pinging or loss of power if used in the summer.

  7. Jack Murphy says:

    and a large fire at an oil refinery….

  8. Big Mama says:

    In Central Cal this morning …2.99 at costco change in a at least a month

  9. The excuse of “summer blend mfg” has been seen as early as January. Truth be told, there is a refinery fire that doesn’t have to do with gasoline production (re: plastics) and therefore it is an opportunity to hike the price of gas for a while to a public that is ill-informed…