By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Have you ever tried a social media detox?

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Quitting cold turkey is pretty much impossible, according to CBS4’s Lauren Pastrana, but you can certainly clean up your online acts.

Even Kensington Palace announced recently it would police its social media pages to prevent some of the nastiness running rampant in the comments section.

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Today’s “Lauren’s List” has some tips for making your social media a more positive and inspiring place to be.

  1. Less Isn’t More: We often tell ourselves we want to use social media less. And that’s fine. Great, even! But how about using it more intentionally. Rather than just scrolling endlessly, make it a point to search for content you can learn from. Or perhaps, better utilize your social media to help boost your business.
  1. Make Friends: People complain that it’s so hard to make friends these days because everyone’s face is buried in their phone. So why not use that as a tool to sparking new connections? Direct message someone you see as a potential friend. You’d be surprised how many “internet friends” because “real friends” in no time.
  1. Follow Your Aspirations: There’s definitely a sense of “compare and despair” on the internet. Remember, everyone is showing their highlight reel, not the messy outtakes. Rather than feel down when you see people living their best life, flip the script. Follow people you aspire to be like and be inspired by their success. There’s enough to go around!
  1. Use The Block Button: Don’t let someone else’s negativity ruin your social media experience. If someone’s constant “Debbie Downer” posts give you the blues too, it’s time to block. If they are nasty in your comments, delete then block. Your mental energy is important. Don’t waste it on the trolls.

Have you tried to clean up your social media use?

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