Last night marked the 25th Annual SAG Awards hosted by Megan Mullaly. This year’s awards saw a number of big moments and surprises as we all prepare for the Oscars next month.

Entertainment Tonight‘s Keltie Knight was on hand and spoke to CBS Local’s Matt Weiss earlier today to share her insight on the night that was.

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MW- Hi Keltie, how are you doing today?

KK- I’m excellent, thank you!

MW- I’m sure it was a long night for you, appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today!

KK- Oh no problem!

MW- I want to start at the beginning of the night, who won the silver carpet in your opinion?

KK- For me, Lady Gaga, it’s like her world and we’re all living in it. When she arrives every photographer, every star, every host is in her orbit – she’s so fabulous. She was wearing a dress right off the runway that was just in Paris fashion week and only she has that power. The whole red carpet was so cool, I really love all the fashion.

Then you have Angela Bassett from Black Panther. That woman is 60 years old and her dress was almost see through in between the little panels. She walked up and I just decided to give up being a woman because she slayed in a way one else is slaying.

MW- Then once we got inside we had Megan Mullally as host, what did you make of her performance in the hosting role?

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KK- She was fabulous! I thought she did a great job. It’s a quick, boppy two-hour romp and I think she did what she was meant to do, she moved things along. Fun fact though, I saw her on the red carpet and she did say that she ran a lot of her jokes and banter by her husband Nick Offerman, who is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood.

She also bought all of her dresses with her own money. I know that sounds crazy to the regular world, like why wouldn’t she? But in Hollywood most people borrow their dresses or are dressed by designers. She said no one wanted to dress her so she just and bought her dresses herself.

MW- An interesting peak behind the curtain at some of the process before the show. What did you have as the biggest surprise of the night?

KK- I think the win for best cast for Black Panther was the moment of the night. There is a lot of talk about the fact that 48% of the winners of casts for motion picture at the Screen Actor’s Guild go on to win the Oscar. Seemingly over night Black Panther became less of a novelty in the Oscar category and more of a front runner. A lot of members of the SAG are voters in The Academy as well so they tend to follow suit.

I thought Chadwick Boseman got on stage and he had such a beautiful speech about inclusion and it really made you think, and it made you see how important this action thriller movie really is to Hollywood and the world.

MW- What about for you personally, what was your favorite moment of the awards?

KK- For me personally it’s any time John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are on screen together. I am living in their relationship goals, I mean could they be cuter? She wins the award after being snubbed at The Oscars and she doesn’t even talk about herself when she gets up there. All she talked about was her husband and her kids and then bye. There just isn’t enough goodness in the world for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

MW- Thank you so much for the time today Keltie and hope you get to relax a bit after the long night!

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KK- Thank you, Matt! Happy Monday!