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ST. AUGUSTINE (CBS Local) — A Florida woman says she’s upset with a politically-charged test question her son, a junior at St. Augustine High School, received in a school exam.

The question, which appeared on an exam in an advanced English class Monday, read: “Right when it appeared the nation was becoming increasingly tolerant of alternative lifestyles, immigration, and minorities, the vocal and angry right-wing forced the nation to make a complete ______ embracing bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism.”

“I had to read it twice,” Reanna Parham told WKMG. “I was really surprised. Shocked.”

Parham’s son, Logan, sent her a photo of the test to his mom.

“I put it on Facebook just to kind of get feedback from other parents to see if they shared my shock, and they definitely did,” Parham told WJAX.

The principal of the school sent a letter to the teacher on Tuesday, reminding him to exercise “good judgment” when teaching subjects “that are of a sensitive nature.”

Parham said her son recently started a Young Republicans club at the school and the question put him in a difficult situation.

“If he were to answer the question the way the teacher wanted him to answer it, it would essentially be having to admit that his viewpoints were evil,” she told WTLV. “And I don’t think that’s fair.”