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CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – A pit bull went on the attack, leaving its yard and injuring another dog in Coral Springs.

The other of the injured dog, which is named Henry, has spent $2500 at the vet.

That’s all due to injuries the pit bull inflicted on Henry.

“The cops returned him,” Henry’s owner Don Colbert says of the pit bull. “He was back in his yard before my dog was home from the emergency room.”

As a favor, Henry was being walked along 64th Drive in Coral Springs by neighbor Angela Baera.

“Just attacked and he went after Henry,” Baera said. “I could not get him out. He was too strong. I started to scream as loud as I could.”

Henry suffered severe lacerations. Fortunately for Baera, her husband was nearby.

“I started running toward her and she was able to pull the dogs away, and a good Samaritan stopped and grabbed the dog,” said Tom Krawczyk.

CBS4’s Hank Tester asked the owner of the pit bull if he had secured his pet. He came to the door and said, “No comment.”

Neighbors in the area are concerned as they walk their dogs, with little comfort coming from the president of the home owners association.

“The only thing we can do is send them a letter and a notice,” said Chuck Witt.

Colbert didn’t get much more from Coral Springs Police.

“They told us all they can do is fine him,” he said. “They can’t take any kind of action unless the dog bites two more dogs or kills one, or bites a human.”

The association president had another thought.

“Maybe we need more enforcement like Miami-Dade, which says you can’t have pit bulls,” added Witt.