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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The start of another school year is just days away, and while students are stressing over schedules and supplies, parents have their own concerns.

My son is still really young, but I remember middle and high school. There’s plenty of drama to go around.

So one mom, who also happens to be a school counselor, has some advice, and we’re breaking it down in today’s “Lauren’s List.”

Turn down the drama
Some kids like to be at the center of the action at school, and that includes the drama. But licensed clinical professional counselor Phyllis Fagell writes in The Washington Post it’s important to teach them to disengage. Tell them not to “like” or “share” that post that could stir the pot or to ignore the text message that could hurt someone’s feelings.

Assume positive intent
While we often urge others not to assume anything, Fagell says assuming a positive intent in uncomfortable situations could help keep the drama at bay. If your child isn’t invited to a party, for example, help them realize there may not be any malicious intent behind the snub.

Know when to let go
Of course, sometimes your child wasn’t invited to a party because the guest of honor simply didn’t want them there. And it’s important for kids to learn that’s okay too Fagell encourages parents to let their kids know some friendships simply run their course. If your child is trying to navigate a situation like this, experts suggest offering support without rushing to fix the perceived problem for them.

Stay optimistic
Our kids take their cues from us. If we are positive and kind, hopefully, they will be too. If your child is having a tough time, ask them daily to recall something positive that happened at school, or something they’re grateful for. And remember, to find the humor in certain situations. While bullying is no laughing matter, reminding your child to not take themselves too seriously, could help alleviate some of the drama along the way.

How are you preparing your children for social situations at school?

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