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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – New research from the American Automobile Association shows Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are less distracting for drivers compared to a car’s built-in infotainment system.

But there are certain tasks that are still very distracting using all types of systems.

From nearly missing a stop sign to being unaware of a pedestrian or nearly swerving into another lane, the AAA study looked at how distracting it can be for drivers to use infotainment systems to perform complex tasks.

Researchers found that drivers were less distracted when using Apple Carplay and Google’s Android Auto compared to systems that come built into vehicles.

Using those two systems, drivers can make calls about 5 seconds faster and program navigation about 15 seconds faster.

“Both Android Auto and Carplay have developed systems that are far easier to use, they take a shorter period of time to perform very similar activities,” said David Strayer, a professor at the University of Utah.

Researchers found most tasks using Carplay and Android Auto require a moderate level of attention compared to very high for built-in systems.

But for complex tasks like navigating, researchers say all the systems require a very high level of your attention – they say it’s like trying to balance a checkbook while driving.”

“I would recommend that the driver program those navigation systems before they start to drive, even though you can do some of these features while the vehicle is in motion that doesn’t mean that you should, nor does it mean that it’s safe,” said Strayer.

It’s estimated that drivers who take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds double their risk of a crash. Distracted driving injures about 390 thousand people a year and causes about 3,500 deaths.