By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – If your neighborhood is like mine, there are multiple garage or yard sales every weekend.

According to, across the U.S. these types of sales bring in $4 million dollars a week nationwide!

Sometimes you’ll find gems, other times you’ll find junk.

While a good deal is always tempting, today’s “Lauren’s List” breaks down the items you should never buy at garage or yard sales.

The issue with helmets is that they’re designed to protect you from one accident and that’s it. Sometimes the damage isn’t visible, so buy a new helmet to make sure you’re getting full protection.

Breast Pumps
This is a pretty personal item and if it’s an “open system”, it’s basically impossible to clean completely, so the chance of contamination is high. These days many insurance companies will send new moms free pumps anyway.

Skipping on the used cosmetics seems pretty obvious, but you might want to pass up on the brand new stuff too. Problem is, make-up and creams aren’t meant to last forever. The quality can lessen over time and knock-offs are rampant, so it’s really buyer beware.

Car Seats
Like helmets, car seats are really only meant to protect in one accident. In fact, your insurance will usually pay for a replacement if your car seat is in a crash. But damaged car seats are common. A survey found that one in ten has been in an accident. Also remember, car seats have an expiration date, usually six years after its manufacturing date.

Have you ever bought any of these items in a garage sale?

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Lauren Pastrana


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