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PARKLAND (CBSMiami) — Confessed Parkland school gunman Nikolas Cruz is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters along with hundreds of dollars for his commissary account.

Fans span from teenage girls to women and even older men – some sending suggestive pictures tucked inside greeting cards.

Other fans offered friendship and encouragement to the gunman.

There are also Facebook communities where members talk about how they can help Cruz.

As for his commissary account, it’s currently up to $800.

In one of the letters, a Texas woman wrote, “I reserve the right to care about you, Nikolas!” That letter was mailed six days after Cruz opened fire in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people on February 14th.

In another letter dated March 15th, a teen wrote to Cruz, “I’m 18-years-old. I’m a senior in high school. When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you.”

Psychologist Dr. Peggy Mustelier has a take on the letter writers and others enthralled with Cruz.

“A very strong conviction of his goodness, innocence,” says Dr. Mustelier. “They would act as if they know him.”

Some of these letter writers are active on prisoner friendly websites, with others trying unsuccessfully to sell T-shirts with Cruz’s face on them.

“There are multiple reasons from empathy going to the opposite extreme to people who are disturbed to adolescences,” said Dr. Mustelier. “I know a lot are young girls, perhaps a lot of very active fantasy  and they are not capable of recognizing the reality of this.”

Some letter writers regard Cruz as a misunderstood martyr who never had a chance.

Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein says there are “piles of letters” coming in. His office represents Cruz.

“In my 40 years as public defender, I’ve never seen this many letters to a defendant. Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this,” Finkelstein told the Sun-Sentinel.

It’s something that’s not unheard of – the attraction to prison bad boys. It’s an echo of past fascinations with other killers like cult leader Charles Manson and brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez who were convicted of murdering their parents. There were also “Bundyphiles” who sent bags of fan mail to Ted Bundy – a serial rapist and murderer.

Comments (35)
  1. Mark Potter says:

    Can we get a list of those fans since he is incarcerated and his correspondences are no longer private?

    1. Why? They’re not doing anything wrong. Kooky, yeah, but this has always happened. In Boston The Tsarnev brother who died still gets fan mail from young women because he’s “dreamy” Still isn’t illegal.

      1. Max Kennedy says:

        Why not??? As Mark pointed out, his communications are no longer private. Maybe a little publicity (or the threat of) would discourage these fools from contacting and aiding and abetting (after the fact) this deeply disturbed and dangerous murderer. Allowing these misguided strangers to offer care and comfort to this criminal is not healthy for our society and may well encourage others to copy his crimes.

  2. And people still keep saying guns are the problem…

  3. This is the kind of story that makes some suicidal loner out there pick up a gun and shoot up school…. Are you news folks f-ing insane! Extremely Reckless to publish this kind of information!

  4. Josh Michael says:

    Bet none of them are NRA members!!!

  5. George Mauro says:

    I am starting to feel bad about the shooter after seeing the student monsters who bullied him in action.

    1. Rudy Gump says:

      Your total lack of humanity makes me sad for all who know you, though I doubt they truly know the real you.

  6. Doug Huffman says:

    Which is the greater monster?

  7. All those people sending those letters need to be picked up and evaluated. Clearly they have mental issues and one of them could be the next shooter. Get to work FBI! You’ve got a lot of people to evaluate. While the left is busy blaming the gun maybe they should consider the operator who is the problem. Let the liberals take in one of these shooter admirers. Would you want one of these wackos in your home?

    1. All of the people who wrote sympathy letters should have some serious consideration for losing their ability to own a gun. 🙂

  8. John Pepin says:

    CBS reporting that the school shooter in Broward county jail is getting love letters from hundreds of girls. You have to wonder why that was reported and not the hate mail he is getting as well?

    The message is clear… shoot a bunch of kids at your school, and girls will throw themselves at you.

    I wonder WHY such a dangerous message was sent from the executives at CBS news? If some kid who cant get a girl friend, and has a nihilistic world view because of it gets that message, it just might be the trigger he needs to kill some kids.

    So again… WHY report it? Will it draw more viewers? No. Perhaps it is breaking news that some girls are drawn to bad boys? No. Maybe, just maybe… it is to trigger another school shooting? Obviously.

    So the executives at CBS news WANT another school shooting… WHY? To advance an anti Constitutional agenda? No matter.. if another school shooting takes place because of that report, the blood is on the hands of CBS news!

    Let that sink in…

  9. Art Clough says:

    How about Hogg getting his face now on Mt. Rushmore. That’s about all that’s left for him.

  10. Hate to say it, but after seeing and hearing the “survivors” who have shown themselves to be mostly foul mouth bullies who act like the adolescents they are, I have come to the conclusion that Nick Cruz just shot the wrong students. The world would be a much better place without the few mouthpieces of the kids movement. They are the ones who caused the killings with their treatment of those who were different, looking for help, and who disagreed with them.

  11. One of these insane individuals was identified from Texas. I wonder if the writer has a little, political propaganda axe to grind?
    WHERE were the others from???
    It’s bad enough that some citizens “feel” for this murdering nut, but then the writer has to play right-wing hate politics

    1. So, you yourself are displaying hate, by showing your hatred for people of the right. Hypocrisy much? If you truly were not a hater, you wouldn’t hate anyone, ever.

  12. Why didn’t he shoot David Hogg?

  13. Don McCoy says:

    They should follow up on all of the people who sent that fan mail. Copycats are common, and this would be an opportunity for them to NOT drop the ball, for a change.

  14. Nikolas Cruz looks frightened, vulnerable, and as if he suddenly realized what he’s done. He looks like he shocked himself out of his delusional prison /and into a depressed reality by the and he is now unable to live with himself?

    Cruz doesn’t look like a “bad boy”. He doesn’t look angry and dangerous. He looks like the reality of his vicious attack shocked him out of his delusional prison. He’s on suicide watch for a good reason. He appears to be so ashamed of himself that he wants to die!

    I’m no lover of felons, not a mass shooter, and I barely tolerate teenagers! I see what I see and this shooter evokes strong feelings of empathy and PITY for him and his situation. There are some mentally ill people who cannot help themselves. Cruz is a sad victim of his own demons!

    it’s a shame that our ignorant system ignored numerous warning signs, tried to cover for Cruz countless times, and by doing that they took away his only chance to be saved from himself!

    1. (Edited comment – my CAT submitted the rough draft for me – SORRY!)

      Nikolas Cruz looks frightened and vulnerable. He doesn’t look like a “bad boy”. He doesn’t look angry and dangerous. Apparently his murderous rampage shocked him out of his delusional prison into a depressed reality where he feels so ashamed of himself that he wants to die. He hangs his head in shame and can look only at the floor. He’s on suicide watch for a good reason.

      We can feel his pain if we can get past our anger and disgust over his actions. He evokes strong feelings of empathy and PITY for him and his situation. Some emotionally disturbed people cannot help themselves. Cruz is a tortured soul and a sad victim of his own demons!

      A Great America would take this opportunity to spare his life and use him to learn about mass shooters and how to prevent them … if we can keep him alive.

  15. another case of undisciplined children!! you can thank the government of that!! they are the ones that started the “no spank” and started a trend which is coming out now and you see it everyday and not in any good way. it is always about murder or committing felonies at a young age with no respect for others or themselves!! nothing good will ever become of it until you get the government out of raising children.

  16. Humanity is sick & needs a reboot.

  17. “Something attracted me to you…” Seek help.

  18. Ed Fronk says:

    To some degree some of those who disagree with the amount of culpability of Cruz’s actions can empathize because the system failed him. Look at his childhood, his drug addled mind, and the constant derision of his classmates. There were multiple harbingers of Cruz’s eventual breakdown into this tragedy that OUR SYSTEM FAILED TO IDENTIFY AND ACT ON.

  19. Max Kennedy says:

    Fools offering encouragement to a butt-ugly deranged murderer. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  20. Brian Maples says:

    This sounds like a psy-op, the mail routing info from USPS is there and why is it not being looked at by the FBI. There are several data points that would be interesting to know. I assume there is a general percentage of legit letters that think he is a victim of being wrongly accursed. The news reporting on this could inspire copy cats desiring to impress the girls, but the sympathizers maybe should be checked out….I mean isn’t this what the police/FBI do the follow up on these things? The fact that the numbers are so much more seems as a red flag for something, perhaps this would expose manufactured hype that is taking advantage of underage children by community organizers?