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Great cities have a great park systems. Miami is updating its parks master plan to reflect what residents want most. Here’s where they’re focusing.


A park system should be weaved into the fabric of every community. Think tree-lined roads, bike paths and public spaces. Streets that are designed to accommodate cyclists, transit users, motorists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities at the same time will make tourists and residents want to visit and make employers want to set up shop.


According to The Trust For Public Land, high-density cities have a median of 6.9 park acres per 1,000 residents. Miami-Dade County Parks aims to ensure all residents in unincorporated areas live within one mile of a recreation facility, one mile of a swimming pool and two miles of an athletic field. They also offer a wide range of programs and activities for all ages, as well as equitable access to lakes, beaches and other natural features.


Great park systems promote environmental sustainability through programs for kids, combining environmental education with health and fitness. Partnering with community organizations and businesses on green initiatives like Million Trees Miami also pays huge dividends.


Strong parks systems focus on protecting, maintaining and promoting their environment and the species of animals that live within it, along with caring for historic and culturally significant places.


What good is a system if people can’t use it? Miami-Dade County Parks’ master plan goals include ensuring residents can comfortably walk, bike or take public transit to parks and facilities, while also implementing a system of trails and bikeways to connect parks, neighborhoods, schools and other community destinations.


The aesthetics of a park system do more than just give people something pretty to view. The beauty of green space has a direct impact on communities by raising property values and making areas more attractive to economic development.

Multiple Benefits

Great parks are integrated into the community. Parks serve everyone, not just a specific group. Parks systems achieve this through a variety of programs and resources for people of all ages. If you love to be outside, Miami-Dade Parks have something for you.

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Above content provided by Parks-Foundation of Miami-Dade and Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation


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