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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A roller coaster of emotions for many in Miami-Dade County on Thursday.

News broke Wednesday night that after 10 years with Miami-Dade Public Schools, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho was offered the job as school chancellor for New York City Public Schools, the nation’s fourth largest school district.

Following a statement released by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, it seemed a decision had already been made and that Carvalho was bound for the Big Apple.

With that sad thought rippling through the community, an emotional school board meeting Thursday morning brought a reprieve for both the students of Miami-Dade and Carvalho himself.

Seemingly already with one foot out the door, Carvalho revealed at the school board meeting that he would be remaining in Miami-Dade County.

“Well I’m relieved really, the school is fantastic and his leadership, I mean it permeates at every level,” said parent Teague Gonzalez. “He interviews every teacher, they all care. The administration is fantastic and while the assistant principals really execute his vision, you can really tell that he sets the tone.”

Others just hearing the news for the first time couldn’t be happier to have a man they trust taking care of their kids and keeping his promise to do more work for Miami-Dade schools.

“Whenever I come here and I see him he’s always positive, always a great message so I’m glad he decided to stay,” said parent Andre Douglas. “I didn’t know he was leaving.”

Carvalho’s day began as they usually do, with parents dropping off their children at iPreparatory Academy.

They were greeted by Carvalho, who is also the school’s principal, was standing outside saying hello to students and parents as they arrive.

“I wanted to start my day as I always do in a school, connecting with kids and connecting with teachers and parents,” said Carvahlo.

This comes a day after those kids, teachers, and parents heard the news that Carvalho, their superintendent of a decade, had been offered the job as school chancellor in New York City.

As expected, the news didn’t sit too well.

“Heartbreaking,” said parent Jessica Moses. “I mean my son had a conniption, no he can’t leave!”

The feeling was widespread that Carvahlo’s departure would be a major loss.

“He cares about the kids, I was very surprised, I was not expecting that at all, we figured he would be moving up later on but we were just hoping maybe until they graduated from high school,” said parent Marinelli Maldonado.

“He’s been an amazing superintendent and a great principal here, he’s implemented so much change and he’s made such a positive impact,” said I-Prep teacher Allison Stone.

From the children too, there was a lot of disappointment.

“Mr. Carvahlo is a good principal,” said 3rd grader Nico Provisero.

“I want Mr. Carvahlo to stay,” said Curtis Moses.

One little boy was barely able to speak through tears on word his principal could be leaving.

It was enough also enough to get an emotional reaction from Carvahlo himself who hugged the boy and whispered, “te quiero mucho,” I love you in Spanish.

“I don’t know how to react to that,” Carvalho told reporters.

“I feel like crying myself right now, It’s an emotional check for me you know, I love this community,” he said.