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PARKLAND (CBSMiami) — Shot twice in the legs, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor Samantha Fuentes is speaking out about the day that changed her life forever including a message to the armed school resource officer who failed to act during the massacre.

“When I heard the shots firing, that’s when I dove to the floor, bruised my eye and cut my forehead,” recalled Fuentes to CBS4’s Hank Tester, more than a week after the school massacre left 17 people dead.

“I heard two shots fired in the hallway. The first two shots everyone froze, everyone was under the impression it was drill and that’s what we said to each other, and then the third shot was fired and that’s when we knew it wasn’t a drill,” she explained.

Fuentes, a senior, was sitting directly in front of the door. She said she panicked and ran forward.

“That’s when I realized I made a very fatal mistake because it was not the right place to hide during a shooting. You’re supposed to hide behind the door so when the shooter looks in the room you become pretty much invisible so it looks like nobody is in the room but I ran forwards. That’s when he shoved the barrel of his gun through the window of the door and started spraying pretty indiscriminately across the room.”

She went on.

“Six of us hid behind the podium in just a small space and that is where Helena and Nick were sitting and were shot and killed right next to me. Everything that hit them ricocheted and hit my legs, into my face and into my arm.”

Even though she had been shot in both legs, when SWAT teams arrived, she ran from the building streaming blood.

She’s on the mend now and reacting to the news that the School Resource Officer, sworn BSO Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson, never went into the building to confront the shooter.

“I am not really surprised because he did not have much of a presence in the school to begin with. He made no efforts to introduce himself to our students, the faculty. He had minimal presence in the school maybe one a day. You would not see him patrolling the hallways checking on the students like our security would, you know.”

When asked if she could say something to him, what would it be?

She replied, “You failed us. You took an oath and you broke your promise and that is disappointing and I am disappointed in you.”

While in the hospital, President Trump called Fuentes and she wasn’t impressed.

“He said that he heard I was a big fan of his and he was a big fan of mine. He also called the shooter a ‘sick puppy.’ He wished me well and I appreciate that. I can’t say that I was consoled. I feel like Scott Israel did a better job of that. He (Israel) actually came to see me in the hospital. He (Trump) claimed he was going to visit me and never did. He did invite me to the listening session even though I was shot.”

Fuentes is now looking forward to graduating high school and continuing the Never Again movement.

“I can finish my school in a month’s time while also traveling and spreading my word, talking to lawmakers, talking to whatever media platform I need to.”

The movement to end gun violence is strong.

“We have so many people behind us. People are wildly motivated. It is the passion, the tenacity of these students. We are a dedicated, very passionate bunch.”