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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — For the first time, Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino is speaking out about the release of controversial footage from a stunt gone wrong on the set of “Kill Bill.”

Actress Uma Thurman shared a never-before-seen video of the car crash where she was badly hurt.

Thurman told the New York Times that Tarantino promised the scene would be safe. In the same article, Thurman also accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Tarantino gave a lengthy interview to “Deadline Hollywood” where he called the shoot “the biggest regret of my life.”

For her part, Thurman is now saying she does not blame Tarantino, instead saying the film’s producer Harvey Weinstein and others lied and concealed evidence.

The closing credits of “Kill Bill Volume Two” show Uma Thurman’s character driving down a road but the reverse angle was never seen until last week.

The silent video shows her drifting off the road and smashing into a palm tree, where she suffered a concussion, damage to her knees and a permanent neck injury.

Her director, Quentin Tarantino, is seen checking on her.

She told the New York Times she was nervous about shooting the scene, but a “furious” Tarantino promised her the car was fine.

“People familiar with Tarantino’s work would find it very plausible that in attempting to see his vision through, he might play fast and loose with certain details,” said IndieWire Weekend Editor Michael Nordine.

In a new interview with Deadline Hollywood, Tarantino denies getting angry but says the decision to convince her to do the scene is, “beyond one of the biggest regrets of my career, it is one of the biggest regrets of my life….A trust was broken.”

Thurman told the Times she considered suing but Harvey Weinstein’s studio Miramax said it would only show her the footage if she signed a document waiving liability. She refused.

In an Instagram post Monday, Thurman says she does not blame Tarantino who helped her obtain the footage but she says, “the cover up did have malicious intent,” holding two of the film’s producers and the “notorious Harvey Weinstein solely responsible. They lied, destroyed evidence, and continue to lie about the permanent harm they caused and chose to suppress.”

“I don’t know if there was anything nefarious about it, but Tarantino seems to have confirmed that other people didn’t want her to see the footage,” said Nordine.

In a statement to CBS News, a spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein denies he took part in a cover-up, saying, “This is the first time he has learned that Miss Thurman had any issues regarding the accident.”

In regards to her sexual assault allegations, a Weinstein spokesperson told the Times he denies making more than a “pass” at Thurman and has apologized.


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