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Every year, over 200,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed and more than 150,000 people die from the disease. In fact, one of four cancer deaths is related to lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

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One of the best ways for your patients to reduce their risk of lung cancer continues to be smoking cessation. While your patients most likely know the dangers of firsthand and secondhand smoke, are they aware of third hand smoke? Tobacco smoke leaves behind residual nicotine and other chemicals on surfaces long after exposure. As a result, people who touch these surfaces put themselves at risk of inhaling a toxic mix of compounds. Only through a smoke-free environment can nonsmokers and smokers be completely free of smoking’s harms – and a smoke-free environment starts with the individual.

A Team Effort

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AvMed has partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide Members with smoking cessation resources to help them on the path toward quitting, including easy-to-follow fact sheets as well as employer programs like Fresh start and Quit for Life. The partnership also benefits Providers by providing access to ready-to-use cancer presentations, tobacco cessation webinars, Provider-facing collateral (e.g., branded Rx pads), and outreach opportunities.

One of those outreach opportunities is the Great American Smokeout. On Nov. 16, the ACS hosts a nationwide event dedicated to smoking cessation support. As part of the event, participants are encouraged to help someone start a smoking cessation plan or start one themselves. For smokers, one day of not smoking can have an impact on one’s cancer risk.

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