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PALMETTO BAY (CBSMiami) — Residents of Palmetto Bay are having to deal with something not expected by some – living with coyotes.

The village officials have booked a workshop to teach residents how to do just that, according to CBS4 News partner the Miami Herald.

dsasdasdasdas Palmetto Bay Residents Learning To Live With Coyotes

Coyotes in Florida (Source: FWC/ Beverly Batts)

The free workshop, set for February 20th, will be held with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Palmetto Bay officials promise it will be an “informative workshop about coyote biology and ways to co-exist with coyotes.”

Mayor Eugene Flinn says there have been reports of a few cats taken in the area.

The coyote sightings have caused mixed feelings for residents, according to the mayor.

“Many want to live and let live. A few want to hunt them or remove them,” said Mayor Flinn.

According to the FWC, coyotes are found throughout Florida and have been found in all of the state’s 67 counties.

“They are typically shy and elusive but encounters between people and coyotes in Florida are occurring more often,” their site reads. “Coyotes help maintain balanced ecosystems by controlling the populations of rodents and small predators, such as foxes, opossums and raccoons. They are native to North America, have been in Florida for many years, and will continue to make their homes around the state.”

If you do see a coyote, FWC suggests you start waving your arms in the air and yell at the coyote. They don’t usually pose a threat to people and run away if challenged.

Click here for information on coyotes in Florida, according to FWC.


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