Sponsored By The Ft Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show

The Home Design and Remodeling Show wrapped up another highly successful year welcoming tens of thousands of homeowners, as well as industry professionals at each of the Miami and Broward-based Home Shows.

South Florida’s largest home and garden, design expo offers the latest trends in interior and exterior improvement. Thousands of professionals are on hand to provide the right guidance and a discerning selection of everything from the smallest products in home décor to major renovation items and turnkey design and construction services.

Exhibitor Spotlight:

“We have been doing Home Shows for a little while now in order to get our name out there and to connect with customers, “ says Ryan O’Leary, Owner of Drva Wood Co.  “We have had a ton of success exhibiting at the Home Design and Remodeling Show, have met many very loyal customers and have made a lot of sales. The best thing to come out of doing these shows however, was something that I would not have predicted: at one of the Fort Lauderdale Shows, we were scouted by a buyer from Orchard Supply Hardware. Months later, they contacted us and expressed an interest in our products. We met with their buyer as well as one of their executives from Orchard’s California headquarters and got an order from them!”

DRVA are makers of replenish-able, new, clean vintage wood for building, construction and remodeling. They take new lumber that doesn’t make the cut for building and distress, treat and finish it to look just like reclaimed wood, without any of the lead paint, pesticides or other chemicals commonly found in vintage lumber. Their wood is milled in the US and finished in Delray Beach, Florida.

Others highlights of the November 2017 Fort Lauderdale Home Show:

Ramos Decor and Lumber, LLC. is a family-owned business born from the passion for high quality flooring and home decor. They strive to provide consumers with the best quality products at the best possible price. Homeowners and professional contractors have access to a full range of high-end flooring products, cleaning products, installation materials, tools and much more.

A-Niks utilizes state-of-the-art evaporative cooling technology to cool outdoor spaces effectively and efficiently. Whether you are building a new home or want to add a system to a pre-existing home, they have a system for you. A-Niks will custom design a system for a home or facility. Enjoy the cherished backyard activities with friends and family without being bothered by heat. Their cool misting system is designed to operate in Florida’s humid conditions without getting you or your guests wet.

PermaStructures is proud to bring to the market a revolutionary alternative: high-quality modular homes, constructed of galvanized steel, concrete panels and other high-grade materials that resist fire, moisture, winds and termites significantly better than conventional wood-based mobile homes on the market today. PermaStructures high-quality modular homes can withstand a myriad of conditions, laboratory tested and are: fire resistant with no toxic gas if exposed to fire; water resistant; pest resistant (termites, ants and other pests have no interest for the components); wind resistant — structures can resist winds of up to 178 mph; and are fully certified by the State of Florida.

Kitchen Corp. Modern Design designs, builds and install all of their products. The company offers wall shelving; doors; laundry stations; garage, closets and office organization solutions; pantry organizers and kitchen cabinets.

Happy House Improvement designs and installs remote louvered roof systems: aluminum Pergola  insulated roofs; screen rooms and walls;  outdoor kitchens; impact windows and doors; outdoor furniture; pavers; concrete slab; turf, and much more. With a wide range of services that suit your every need and requirement, their team has the know-how and expertise to get done what you need done.

For more design inspiration, visit the upcoming Home Design and Remodeling Shows from April 6-8, 2018 at the Miami Beach Convention Center and May 25-28, 2018 (Memorial Day Weekend) at the Broward County Convention Center. Information at www.homeshows.net.

Above content provided by The Ft Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show.


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