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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Suspects don’t usually say much to reporters waiting for them outside the jail. But a mother accused of child abuse had an impassioned plea for the South Florida media.

“All the news every day, you see young people – 12, 13, 14 years old – they end up in schools with guns, and in this country it’s so easy to get guns,” Miriam Rebolledo said.

The 29-year-old mother, who posted her $7,500 bond Friday, is fed up with her 6-year-old son. She says he’s troubled and out of control.

“My son is rebelling so much that he killed a little animal,” she said.

Police said Rebolledo put her son’s hand on a stove as a form of punishment for hitting a student at school.

Rebolledo said she’s taken him to psychologist and has tried all forms of punishment but says she can’t seem to get through and fears the worst.

“It’s so easy to get those guns. You want my son to grow up to be a bully who beats up on kids? And he isn’t just going after boys, he bullied a girl,” she said.

In court Friday, a judge reprimanded Rebolledo, who is of Colombian descent, saying, “Maybe in Colombia, it’s OK to reprimand your child by putting their hand on a stove, but in the United States of America, it’s not.”

“What am is supposed to do? Just stay home without doing anything for my son?” Rebolledo said.

Emotional and frustrated, Rebolledo kept talking as her husband forcefully pulled her away and into the car.

“I’m a bad mom, but they don’t know the truth,” she said. “This is the kind of thing a mother has to do so that her son can grow up to be a good person tomorrow.”

For now, the judge placed her son in foster care.

Comments (22)
  1. Orange Mango says:

    My parents used to give me a broken bottle and send me out into traffic to play with it .

  2. Another budding serial killer…that’s how it starts…ask Jeffrey Dahmer

    1. good grief..I cant believe the people posting comments about the KID being a budding serial killer! Are you basing this on what mom says..the mom who cant speak English? So people are taking the word of a mother who burned her child on a stove as if SHE is someone with credibility. She deflects and makes excuses by blathering about guns and bully’s…SHE is the only bully I see, SHE is the one who has issues..She says she’s “tried everything” well perhaps thats the problem…She got caught abusing the child this time..I wonder what the psychiatrist told her to do?

  3. How is she a citizen? Another illegal alien family raising another murderer?

  4. I didn’t understand a single word she said but can tell she’s pretty passionate about it.

  5. Bill Smith says:

    Punishing a child by burning them on a stove is child abuse. Lock her up.

  6. Abel Garcia says:

    Sounds like a good mother but took this punishment too far.

  7. Definitely understandable that the kid’s conduct is a result of “gun availability”. Or Russians. Or Fox News. Or Deplorables. Or Trump.

  8. hitrestart1 says:

    She remarks angrily several times how easy it is to “get guns in this country” as the motivating reason behind burning her son’s hand.

    Why not just move back to the gun-free heIIhole she came from? Then when her little monster kills someone she won’t be able to blame the guns.

  9. She doesn’t know burning a kid’s hand is not normal. No wonder the kid is out of control.

  10. Jeff Conway says:

    Sounds like she has a little Damien on her hands. I can understand her frustration. I would let him stay in foster care, especially if there are brothers and sisters that have to put up with him. It’s not fair to them.