By Jim Berry

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KENDALL (CBSMiami) — At the Alper Jewish Community Center in Kendall, there’s some shakin’ going on.

Bright and early, a happy group of ladies takes to the floor for a Zumba-like workout which they have cleverly re-named Salsa Aerobics.

CBS4 Sports Anchor Jim Berry was invited as part of the CBS4 Moving U campaign to check out the class by a loyal student, Kathryn Gomez.

Jim noticed that this class is not for the bashful, the faint of heart or the introverted because in this Salsa Aerobics class, they let it all hang out.

With students waving their hands up in the air, this fast-moving session has everyone addicted with joy, and many students let us know what they think about the class.

“It’s one of my absolute favorite classes. She has tons of energy, and keeps us pumped up and excited,” said student Michelle Appelrouth-Rader.

“I love it because it gets you moving, and this is my home, this is my favorite place,” added Gayle Appelrouth.

“We don’t come here and sit down, we move it, man! We dance with our bodies and move,” exclaimed Muriel Foster.

The Energizer bunny in this room is Martha Manzur, a certified instructor who has been teaching at the Alper JCC for twelve years. Her premise is pretty simple: “Everybody can dance, no matter what age you have, enjoy the class! It’s your time, and have a party!”

Jim asked Martha how many calories could be burned in an hour in this class: “Like 800 if you really move like they’re doing.”

For Jim Berry, it wasn’t so bad fitting in with the dancing crowd. However, when it’s time to go up on stage and join the instructor, that’s another level — and another story!

No wonder that after an hour of this, everybody had worked up a sweat. Nevertheless, this workout puts the class in a chilled out mood for the rest of the day.

“That’s why we come. It clears your mind and helps you focus better,” said one of the students.

Jim concluded that Salsa Aerobics is a dancing version of shop til’ you drop. Whew!

If you would like to get involved with this class or want to view other classes offered, visit the Alper JCC’s website.

You can also stop by or call the center:
J Fitness at the Alper JCC
11155 SW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33176
305.271.9000 Ext. 284
Twitter: @alperjcc

What keeps you happy and healthy? If you have something you’re doing to stay fit, share it with us at for a chance to get featured!


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