By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A lot of us lost power during Hurricane Irma, which means we had to throw out a lot of spoiled food.

As we cleaned out our refrigerator and began the process of restocking, I got to thinking of what I really should be keeping in there.

Turns out, I was missing a few things!

Today’s “Lauren’s List” includes a few surprising suggestions for things you should be refrigerating.

  1. Red wine: Before you sound the alarm on this one, I’m not suggesting you drink red wine cold, although some people say a slight chill makes it taste better. Instead, experts say refrigerating an already opened, but unfinished bottle of red wine will help slow down chemical processes, including oxidation which ruins wine. You can always let it come back to room temperature before drinking it again. Of course, this all assumes people don’t finish off an entire bottle in one sitting.
  1. Tortillas: No one wants a rock hard quesadilla. Once you open the seal on a bag of soft taco wraps, be sure to put it in the fridge so they last longer.
  1. Olive Oil: I know a lot of people who keep their olive oil in a nice glass bottle on their kitchen countertop. That’s actually too bright and too warm. Oxygen, light, and heat will make the oil turn bad quicker. Keeping your olive oil in the fridge can help prolong its shelf life.
  1. Nail polish: What?! I keep my big box of polish in my bathroom, but I may change that now. Turns out nail polish will maintain its colors and consistency longer in the refrigerator, thanks to the cold air. The good news here is even if the power goes out, chances are your nail polishes will still survive.

What strange things do you keep in your refrigerator?

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