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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Authorities say a new scam, aimed at senior citizens, is using the ‘distressed love-one tactic.’

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Coral Springs Police said they’ve seen a recent increase in the scam which involves various scenarios but the same goal – to defraud a senior citizen.

In one of the scenarios, the scammer claims to be an attorney representing their grandchild, alleging their loved one has committed a crime and they need money wired to them in order to release their grandchild from jail.

In another scenario, the scammer calls the senior citizen and tells them their grandchild has been involved in an accident and they need money to get medical help for them.

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Once the victims wires the scammer the money, there is no way to reverse it and the transaction cannot be traced or recovered.

Police believe the scammers are possibly finding their targets using Google and social media.

To avoid being scammed, police advise you to be very suspicious if you get a call in which a grandchild calls from a faraway location or in some type of trouble. Also be weary of calls where someone is asking for money via a wire transfer or using your bank account information. Also be aware if someone is posing as an attorney that is asking for money.

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If you or someone you know has been a victim of a scam like those mentioned above, contact investigators at (954) 346-1243.