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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – South Florida emergency crews were off to the rescue in Texas.

Miami’s Swift Water Response Team got the call Sunday afternoon to head out to Houston helping flood victims. They’re expected to be very busy.

0ea3cdf4574d439bb6a9e7344ec2473d South Florida Rescue Units Offer Texas Flood Victims Help

Miami’s Swift Water Response Team prepares to help flood victims in Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit in August 2017. (Source: CBS4)

“The hazmat push back will be dealing strictly with all the hazmat components such as dirty water, contaminated environments, deconing crews and equipment,” said Miami Fire-Rescue’s Chief Scott Dean. “The swift water teams will be actively doing search and rescue with boat operations in the water.”

Miami-Dade’s Search and Rescue team got the call, too. That came in early in the morning.

“We will be ready to assist in any type of rescue, whether building collapse, flood issues, etcetera,” said Chief Andy Alvarez with Florida Task Force 1. “And on top of that, we’re also taking a compliment of boats and swift water gear.”

Those boats will likely get a lot of use. Already, crews in Texas are busy rescuing people who are stranded by high water. The 45-member team pulled out about 4:30 a.m. for the 1,200-mile drive. And there are even more South Florida Crews on the way, too.

The American Red Cross from Miami-Dade, Broward and the Keys is sending five emergency response vehicles to Houston, right in the heart of all that flooding. From these trucks, they can serve thousands of meals. They also carry cleaning supplies, hygiene kits and the “tlc” only volunteers can provide.

“It’s our volunteers on these trucks who really, really bring the most vital thing of all, which is hugs, hope and comfort to people who are affected,” said Emily Borababy.


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