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MINNEAPOLIS (CBSMiami) — If you’re a Republican guy from Connecticut, servers at restaurants can expect a nice tip.

When it comes to tipping, who is more generous?

Men, Republicans, people from the Northeast, baby boomers and anyone who tips with a credit or debit card, according to a survey from

All of these groups leave a 20 percent tip on average.

So who are the worst tippers?

Women, Democrats, Southerners, and people who pay with cash.

The survey found women left, on average, a 16 percent tip. The average for Southerners and Democrats was 15 percent.

Overall, four out of five Americans said they leave a tip for their server and the median tip is 18 percent. It also found that credit and debit card users were significantly more likely to tip than diners tipping with cash.

The poll also looked at how often Americans tip other types of service providers:

When getting a haircut, 67 percent always tip the stylist or barber; 12 percent never do. In a coffee shop, 29 percent always tip the barista; 30 percent never do. When staying at a hotel, 27 percent always tip the housekeeping staff; 31 percent never do.