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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – More than half of Americans are turning their “vacation” into a “work-ation” because some of us just can’t unplug from work during time off.

Sheron Doucette traveled from Massachusetts to New York City for vacation but this teacher didn’t leave work behind.

“I do check my emails it’s the first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning,” Sheron explained. “Even on vacation.”

A new Accountemps survey finds about 54 percent of Americans check-in with work at least once or twice a week during vacation which is up from just 41-percent last year.

“I would be more tense if I didn’t check my email,” explained Sheron.

Mike Steinitz, Executive Director of Accountemps, says 15-percent of workers check in every day.

“It’s so easy to stay in touch that I think it’s sort of a habit. I think some people feel like they need to check-in for peace of mind.  Some people just have a hard time breaking away,” said Steinitz.

However, Steinitz did find some good news.

“While people are checking in, they’re doing it a little less frequently. They’re setting a little bit of boundaries, like, listen, I gotta get away.”

Amy Bornmann, a vacationer from Orlando has no problem leaving work at home.

“Completely unplugged this week. No laptop, no email,” said Bornmann. “We have learned that when we are on vacation, we’re on vacation.”

Technology savvy millennials have the hardest time unplugging while on vacation but older employees are much more likely to ignore work during their time off.

Experts also recommend managers encourage their employees to disconnect during their time off.