Chairman & CEO of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, Gander Mountain and the star of The Profit on CNBC, Marcus Lemonis joined the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM to discuss his involvement in the rumored sale of the Miami Marlins. Listen as he talks about how he thinks it’s very important for the next Marlins owners to be authentic Miami people and understand the city and its special culture. He also mentions a certainly radio host who has been critical of his involvement in the deal.

On being contacted by Jeb Bush- “When I got a call from Jeb [Bush], he wanted me to know what he was doing with the team had a local feel. He wanted someone who could roll up their sleeves.”

On the current state of the Marlins in Miami- “I wouldn’t call it a disaster but it’s disheartening, it’s not what Miami is about.”

On how things have changed over the years- “I think about growing up in South Florida. I think about how those teams engaged in the community. I feel like at the end of the day it became too glamorous or to sterile and Miami isn’t about that.”

On his donation to the University of Miami- “It’s about the kids and the community, I’m a Miami guy who was in Perrine, people sort of attack Miami and I get pissed off (donation to UM).”

On what he would do as a Marlins owner- “In order for this team to be successful we have to get back to the basics.  Some people correlate you have to win to gain value and there’s some truth to that.  It starts in the clubhouse and when moral sucks it sucks all the way down.  Nobody should give a crap what the executives feel.”

“This team needs to have participation from Miami guys who know what Miami is about.”

“Being from Miami is special. You need to know what that means and you can’t teach that. That’s what this team needs.”

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