By Lisa Petrillo

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NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s a new technique that is catching on in South Florida.

“This is a laser wand. What we’re doing is stimulating collagen and reducing pore size and smoothing out the skin’s texture,” said a technician at Vivid Face in North Miami while performing a procedure.

They call it Vivid Face, a new three step procedure designed by Dr. Adam Gropper of Vivid Face in North Miami, that’s looking to change the way those seeking the fountain of youth approach facial improvements.

“We thought we should make face, skin care into something that’s more routine for  women so they can have professional facial care on an regular basis,” said  Dr. Gropper.

There are 3 procedures to Vivid Face: The Vivid Clear, The Vivid Smooth and the Vivid Tighten.  Each last about 15 minutes with no down time.

“What we realized is if you do gradual but repetitive treatments over time, you can achieve the same results over a longer period of time without the negative consequences.” Explained Dr. Gropper

Facial technicians use radio frequency devices and lasers to stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin.

Dr. Gropper will not reveal his custom secret settings for the laser, but says nothing can penetrate the skin the way the lasers can.

“The skin product market is about a $100 billion a year market and a lot of these products tout their ability to stimulate collagen and penetrate,” he said. “The laser is the only thing that can reach down into the deep layers of the skin and stimulate the fiber blasts and create collagen.”

33-year-old Ashley Ziemann and 44-year-old Amanda Phillips both say they are hooked on Vivid Face and do it for different reasons.

Both say they look instantly better after each procedure.

“I have really bad acne scarring from when I was younger and pigmentation issues.” said Ziemann. “I get really red and I came in here to address acne scars on my cheeks. I have seen a huge, huge difference in my skin.”

For Phillips, it was fine lines.

“I was instantly addicted,” she said. “I could tell a difference in my skin. There was no down time, no side effects. I was in and out and quick results. It was amazing.”

“With our treatments, we aim to make you look better when you walk out of here, so when you walk out the door your skin is glowing and radiant clients come in before parties to look good,” said Dr. Gropper.

So what’s the cost? Right now Vivid Face is running a summer special – 3 treatments for $159. For more info

Lisa Petrillo