Senior National college football writer for Bleacher Report, Matt Hayes joined the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM to talk about all the headlines around college football. Listen as he talks about the judge that unfairly ripped apart the USF football program and Charlie Strong.

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On Brad Kaaya going to the NFL- “He didn’t want to get hit and not get paid anymore.”

On the judge- “Here’s the bottom line, if you are a coach and enable bad behavior then you deserve that. He’s been there three and half months and you are really going to call him out for that? Where are the kids’ parents on this?  It was inappropriate and embarrassing what she did.”

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On Nick Saban- “Clearly the guy recruits better than anyone in college football, he works hard every year and what he’s done for that University and that state, he deserves every penny.”

On kids sitting out bowl games- “You absolutely will [see it happen more often]. You saw what happened to Jake Butt and Jalen Smith. More and more now it’s a three year deal. In college they hit way more than the pros. To me it’s a no brainer, if you’re not in the playoff and a top 15 pick why would you play?”

On compensating college athletes- “We have to start looking out for these kids, give these kids their own image and likeness and allow them to market themselves.  If you aren’t going to pay these guys and you pay Saban $11 million, allow these guys to make their own deals.”

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