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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Miami Trainer James Goodlatte is changing the way women prepare for labor and delivery through exercise. His company, Fit For Birth, was started in Miami. It has now expanded across the globe, teaching fitness gurus and expectant moms the art of “training for birth.”

“We can get great fitness and great results that way and we can also avoid all of the aches and pains of pregnancy,” Goodlatte said.

His strategy combines corrective exercises with fitness, which benefits the mother and the baby reducing the risk of things like diastasis recti, sciatica, stretch marks and many other issues that are common.

According to Goodlatte, South Florida’s C-section rate is much higher than the national average, with 2 out of 3 women undergoing the abdominal surgery.

“Exercise, just exercise reduces your chance of a C-section by 75%,” he explained.

Research conducted in 2002 proves that women who exercise in pregnancy spend 1/3 less time in labor. They have a 35-percent reduction in the need for pain relief and a 50-percent reduction in the need inductions, interventions and an episiotomy.

Goodlatte adds that the benefits are even greater for babies.

“It has been shown that babies of exercising mothers are more intelligent at one year of age and five years of age,” he explained.

Miami mom, Laura Cabera believes staying fit will not only benefit her growing baby, but also change the outcome of her birth experience too.

“I had my daughter 3 years ago; I had her at 32 weeks. Unfortunately, I did have preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome so it was a state of emergency,” she described. “I was in the hospital for 2 weeks; she was born at 3 lbs. 3 oz.”

When her daughter was born, she knew she had to make some changes. “That was a game changer for me, I had no idea that I would put my daughter through something like that,” Cabrera explained.

She hired James to customize a workout and nutrition plan for her this time around, since she blames a lot of her previous complications on her weight and an unfit lifestyle.

“Before, I laid on the couch and I went to work and I laid on the couch again,” she said.  “I had been overweight my whole life, so it wasn’t anything different to me.”

Laura started exercising regularly and eating better. Upon learning she was pregnant, she immediately connected with James who provided her with a workout plan that she can do in her living room.

“It’s doable for anybody, pregnant or not pregnant, I do them in the comfort of my home,” she said.

All you need is a yoga mat, some dumbbells and a resistance ball.

“It’s scary being pregnant now again thinking maybe something again like this could happen, you never know, but I am much more confident now that I am in control,” Cabrera explained.

“When you have this much effect for 9 months over this little one that’s then going to affect this child the rest of his or her life, it’s the most powerful thing we have on the planet,” said Goodlatte.

For more information on becoming a Fit For Birth Trainer head on over to

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