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NEW ORLEANS (CBSMiami) – In just 48 hours time, two transgender women were killed in New Orleans. While the police do not believe their murders are linked, their deaths are a part of a disturbing trend.

The fear is real in New Orleans for trans women like Imani Dupree.

“I’ve been frightened, but not like this before,” Dupree said.

In February, Dupree’s close friend Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen were murdered within days of each other.

A week earlier, Jaquarrius Holland was killed in another Louisiana town.

All of the victims were trans women of color.

“What scares me the most is that people will feel like they can get away with these things and nothing will be done about it,” Dupree said.

[graphiq id=”jUoVKDs1EQl” title=”Gender Identity Related Hate Crimes in the US in 2015″ width=”600″ height=”489″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Graphiq” ]

While the three murders in Louisiana aren’t connected, they highlight an alarming trend. Seven trans women have been killed already this year. In 2016, a record 23 were killed – the majority black and Latino women.

Beverly Tillery at the New York City Anti-Violence Project tracks these cases and feels the political climate, including bathroom bills, are making the trans community less safe.

“When you can’t be valued for simply who you are then that sets up a situation where people think they can do anything to you,” Tillery said.

Tillery said discrimination often leaves trans women of color without jobs and living in dangerous neighborhoods.

Many states, including Louisiana, don’t protect trans people under hate crime laws.

Dupree, who works as a professional makeup artist, mentors young people in a community trying to find its voice.

“How many more people have to be killed before something is done about it?” Dupree said.

Dupree said they are tired, but won’t give up their right to live as who they are.

Transgender people have some protection under a federal law. Federal authorities will often help local law enforcement with cases involving victims targeted because of their gender identity.

Comments (20)
  1. Don’t make yourself a target until after the murderer(s) are caught, then you can come out again.

  2. The killer is likely trans.
    Trans people have an extremely elevated rate of serial killing, as do males with fetishistic disorders (in this case autogynephilia) in general

  3. vl8962 says:

    who were the murderers????

  4. John Oakman says:

    This is what happens to freaks.

  5. Fake news.

    If they were murdered because they were transgender, then this article would have gone into great detail to nail down that point. Instead, it attempts to lead the reader to that conclusion without actually saying so.

  6. It appears they were nothing more than a drain on society anyway. C’est la vie.

  7. tngilmer says:

    Black people in the south do not like this deviant stuff.

  8. This just proves that before all of this trans bathroom nonsense, that transgenders were attacked far less when they were not being promoted so much in the news media. Sadly, more exposure to trans issues in media = more attacks on transgenders.

    Media, stop promoting all of this and the attacks against transgenders will abate.

  9. ‘Weakness breeds contempt’ is an old saying flamboyant trannies would do well to try to wrap their weak minds around if they want to live out a reasonably safe existence. Just because political correctness gives them a pass doesn’t mean Reality does, just like abortion. There is a natural cause and effect to everything. Disobey and/or hate the calm, wordless, intuitive common sense decency all were give when when they were made at your own peril. Decent people identify with what they have always known is right in their heart. LGBTQ may be a protected species by our government like the spotted owl, but that will not deter otherwise angry people incensed by their debauchery to do what compels them.

  10. Perhaps living in area like San Fransico is worth considering. There is a lot of bigotry in Louisiana in both whites and blacks when it comes to LGBTQ. It is the only thing they probably all agree on with equal intensity.

  11. They weren’t killed for being fäggots, they were killed because niġġers like to kill people.

  12. If a trans-person was killed it was probably the Decepticons. I hated when Megatron killed Starscream.

  13. Ummm……maybe they tried to solicit gentlemen who were none too happy to find out that their “date” for the evening had a male appendage.

  14. Tom Nichol says:

    Meanwhile the heterosexual community is aware but not dramatic hysteria regarding the number of straight people murdered in NO the past year.

  15. With a statistical number of trannies at about .002% of the population, who cares?

  16. Jack Frost says:

    This could be a “non-issue” (IF ANY murder could be…) – is the frequency out of proportion to the % of population? Do these people put themselves into “high risk” scenarios ooptt%p? Not hard to image a male male going ballistic after finding that he was flirting with a TG… No, that does NOT excuse “murder”, BUT… hardly a non-issue.

  17. Some religious kooks probably doing killings.