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By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Two weeks ago, I received the nicest handwritten letter from a colleague and it made me think about how rarely I actually use my handwriting these days.

I type to-do lists on my phone, pay my bills online, and can send an email faster than a letter but a lot is lost in typed communication.

Experts say you can learn a lot more about a person through their handwriting.

Here are a few tricks to decoding someone’s handwriting.

1. Size- Handwriting experts say large letters typically mean you have a big, outgoing personality. While shy, introverted types prefer to write in small print. If your letters are average-sized, that’s a sign of focus and concentration.

2. Spacing- Research suggests people who leave large spaces between their words are all about freedom and independence, while those who squeeze their words close together prefer to be in the company of other people.

3. Shape-Are your letters round or pointed? Pointed letters are supposed to be a sign of intelligence and restrained aggression, while rounded letters hint at creativity and artistic ability.

4. Slant- Handwriting analysts say slanting your letters to the right could mean you like to meet new people. A left slant means you tend to be more of a loner. One more interesting tidbit- If the slant of your writing (or any other feature of your handwriting) changes dramatically over the course of a piece of writing, there’s a good chance you’re lying!

What does your handwriting say about you? Do you prove any of the above rules wrong?

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