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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Local and federal authorities think they know who leaked security video of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting to TMZ.

Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief told CBS4 News that she doesn’t specifically know who leaked the video, but she’s fairly certain it was a member of law enforcement.

TMZ obtained the dramatic surveillance video of suspected mass murderer Esteban Santiago calmly pulling a gun from his waistband and shot 15 bullets at Terminal 2’s baggage claim at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday.

Five people were killed and even more were injured.

It’s video that Sharief said the public was never meant to see.

“We’re not tolerating this,” Sharief said. “This is an ongoing investigation. That tape shows a victim being shot and we don’t want that out on the street.”

Sharief said it appeared that the video released to TMZ was taken by someone recording the surveillance video with a cellphone.

She said a reflection captured on the cellphone recording might give away the person by identifying the law enforcement agency the person works for.

“We were able to clearly see the association or agency that the person was with and identify some other significant characteristics,” she said.

Sharief said the identity of the person who recorded the video and possibly leaked it isn’t known, but the county asked the FBI to investigate.

Sharief said after airport officials and the FBI enhanced the reflection, investigators were able to rule out airport and FBI personnel.

She said it “leaves BSO and a couple of other law enforcement agencies that were in that room.”

Sharief said she’s talking about this because she wants the public to know that no one from the county’s airport staff leaked the video.

The person could be charged with interfering with a federal investigation and another charge if they profited from the leak.

Carey Codd

Comments (19)
  1. What law did they break? They filmed a monitor. At worst, they can be terminated, but why are they using the FBI where a crime has not been committed.

  2. Why are they the only people that can see that stuff, what a crock, like they are better than the public. Rotten sneaky government at work

  3. Sharief don’t like it, rock the casbah, rock the casbah.

  4. Don Rubottom says:

    Interesting to know that a member of “law enforcement” is videoing but not fighting back while innocents are gunned down.

    1. I think you are under the misconception that the monitor was recorded as the attack was happening.

  5. Ann Rallie says:

    Do you remember when we did not have this incompetence in Government? You know, before Affirmative Action Degrees, Minority Placement, etc?

  6. F. McCollum says:

    Didn’t the FBI totally drop the ball on the assailant after he came to them hearing voices? And now they’re wasting taxpayer dollars to determine who released a video that should be public anyway!?!?

  7. John Oakman says:

    The elite doesn’t want the public to see the dirty work of one of their protected species.

  8. Jason Watson says:

    OMG. The video showed someone getting shot! This mayor is just another dumb effing leftist

  9. Grizz Mann says:

    Read the memo, Bush had the Russians do it.

  10. I doubt it was a cop in uniform. Taking videos instead of drawing your gun? If it was a cop who was taking videos instead of engaging the suspect he/she should be terminated and barred from ever again wearing a badge.

    1. Come on man! Use your head. The pic was taken during a video playback. NOT during the shooting.

  11. The citizens paid for this surveillance video with their money, it belongs to the public.

    The video clearly shows a jihado-marxist coward shooting at people who cannot even carry a nail file because the government took it away from them at the FTL airport and Port Everglades seaport, rendering citizens completely at the mercy of these jihado-marxist rats.

    Had one citizen even had any sort of weapon to throw at this gutless creep, a rock, a knife, anything, the attack could have been stopped cold.

    The film shows the complete failure of the government which disarms citizens and creates toxic ‘gun free zones’ – jihadist killing fields – ‘for their personal safety’.

    This film shows what a joke this hamfisted crackdown on citizens really is. And that’s why they don’t want you to see it.

  12. Glad it was “leaked”. We have a right to see it. F all this commie censorship!