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Welcome to the offseason.

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Over the next seven-plus months, we will give you prospects that are under the radar and need that exposure in this competitive South Florida market of talent.

Because so many college coaches across the country will view our posts weekly, and in some cases, daily, the information that we produce is read and evaluated by many schools attempting to fill their rosters with our local football talent.

While we will give you football prospects in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 classes – there will also be a need, leading up to National Signing Day to also continue to promote this current senior (2017) class.

Keep in mind that there are still numerous opportunities for the current seniors to grab the attention of college coaches throughout the country – and we will be there every step of the way, pushing and promoting.

Also, after NSD, we will spend a few weeks getting film out to the many colleges who follow the information we produce.

Last year, in 21 days we helped 45 student-athletes and their families receive financial assistance to attend college and continue to play football.

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As we have done for 46 years, we promote football prospects year-round, and nothing will change. In fact, here are six more football prospects who are looking for that extra exposure as we begin the competitive offseason.

2020 – Jonathan Denis, OL, 6-3, 250, Homestead Keys Gate Charter: One of the emerging stars in South Florida high school football, here is one of those gifted young men who enjoyed an outstaying freshman year – catching the attention of many local coaches and opposing players. Denis is a very athletic line prospect who has the chance to be very special. His appearance at the first combine of the year backed up what everyone had been talking about. Denis is definitely a big man who is all about working hard and making a solid impact. This offseason will be very interesting as many who knew nothing about his level of play, will find out.

2018 – Charles Grant, DB, 6-0,160, Miami Springs: Another of those hidden gems that we have in this area of the state. This is an athlete who really made a lasting impression with five interceptions this past season. With a quality offseason, he has the opportunity to step into the spotlight as college coaches and recruiting services will be at plenty of events in the offseason. Grant is a very gifted football talent who just needs to continue to get the experience needed. Keep your eye on his progress.

2020 – Xavier Restrepo, Athlete, 5-9, 178, Coconut Creek Monarch: Here is one of the up-and-coming football talents in South Florida. No matter where he has played in his young career, he has made a major impact. A starter as a freshman this past season, everyone knows that this talented and passionate young man is on his way toward the top. Restrepo is a very physical athlete who can play anywhere on the field. You don’t find many prospects who make an impact at the varsity level the way he did. The offseason will also provide the opportunity for him to compete against tremendous football players that this region offers up.

2018 – Jaeden Suarez, FS/OLB, 6-0, 175, Miami Killian: Another football talent that we have followed from the beginning at Homestead, to Keys Gate Charter and finally for head coach Javi Valdes and the Cougars. Suarez is a tremendous football prospect who makes plays all over the field. He has the athletic ability to line up at three different positions – and that is what makes him such a valuable player to have on any roster. Suarez has been competing at a high level since he started playing the sport. He’s not the kind of player who will back down from anyone. He always sticks his nose into every play he is around. The coaches love his work ethic and passion for the game.

2019 – Nicholas Torres, WR, 5-10, 160, South Plantation: Yet another gifted football player that this program seems to produce every year. Torres is a promising pass receiver who runs tremendous pass patterns, he has outstanding hands and is willing to learn what is needed to help the Paladins win and give himself a chance to get noticed. Like so many football players in South Florida, Torres will be given a huge opportunity in the offseason and into the spring to make a statement. Whether it’s at a camp, combine, 7-on-7 event or during spring, he will have that chance to turn heads, which he will do. Torres is a gifted football player.

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2018 – Quentin Williams, CB, 5-10, 145, Coral Springs Taravella: Ask anyone who has watched this quality talent play over the past two years and all will tell you the same thing. Williams is a very gifted football prospect who has flown beneath the radar screen way too long. His quickness and athletic ability, plus having the chance to work with one-time Clemson standout and current Trojans’ head coach Charles Hafley will benefit Williams in a grand way.