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MSC Cruises has been the cruise leader for years with a fleet of 12 stunning cruise ships. Caribbean-bound MSC Divina is now sailing year-round from Miami where guests can experience authentic Mediterranean-style dining, award-winning entertainment and great hospitality.

Here are what past guests are saying  about their cruise experience aboard MSC Divina.

MSC Divina Review by Mitchell B.

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Sailed: October 2016 aboard MSC Divina

First we arrived in Miami from Hollywood, FL and it was great.  Luggage picked up at curbside and then the fun begins.  When you wait in line to present all your documents; you give your passport and paperwork to attendant behind the counter.  A guest card is issued but you have to put money into your account on the cruise on board at an automated machine before 2300 or 11pm that day the latest. I will say the food is plentiful and tastes very good.  The pizza is the best I ever had on a cruise.  They have whole wheat, pepperoni, olives and pesto and regular cheese.   It is my favorite thin crust.  Pizza is available 20 hours a day and good and fresh and hot.   A+++++++++++++ on the pizza.

MSC Divina Review by Roland P.

Sailed: October 2016 aboard MSC Divina (MSC Yacht Club)

Seven day Miami round trip Caribbean Cruise on the MSC Divina Yacht Club, returning on 10/15/16. The ship is beautiful, clean, and very steady. The service on the Yacht Club was excellent. The food however, needs improvement. The exception was the specialty Eataly Steakhouse on the ship. The filet mignon was perfect, along with the fries, and the canolo (canoli) dessert was terrific.

MSC Divina Review by Annie P.

Sailed: July 2016 aboard MSC Divina

My first cruise ever! And a wonderful experience, I highly recommend it. This cruise line is very in touch with the environment, such as putting body wash and shampoo in dispensers rather than miniature plastic bottles to reduce waste. Smart of them.
They partner up with UNICEF. And they truly do care for the children, involving them in activities and putting the spotlight on them even on the cruise itself. They cheered on stage at a few shows I went to. So cute. The service here is *****INCREDIBLE.* I have never seen people so happy to work for you. There are a few who just have a poker face all throughout and have no smiles, but most are very happy to help you out. Whether it’s a delicious cappuccino or a freshly cooked entree, most of the time it’s served with a smile.

MSC Divina Review by Kathy D.

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Sailed: Nov. 2015 aboard MSC Divina

I love this ship! The captain was fabulous, the bathroom was large as well as the cabin in the balcony just made it exquisite. This is definitely a ship that you could go on more than a seven day cruise and not feel claustrophobic.

As far as things going on they have Broadway type shows every night, and active large casino, multiple pools, of great Spa, a good workout room,…. they had an outdoor theater to watch movies at, night club specifically for more after hours, and they made the best smoothie concoctions that you could ever dream of. They have gourmet coffee stations, ice cream stations and the stores on the ship offered a variety of anything you could want.

I cannot wait to [sail] on the MSC [Divina] again or another one of the MSC [cruises].

What’s a girl to do? When you love a ship or a ship line, go with it and go on a cruise as soon as possible.

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