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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fans were caught on camera throwing punches in the stands as the Miami Dolphins took on the San Francisco 49er’s at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

All eyes should have been on the field.

But in section 334, it’s was a fight that was getting all the attention.

“Go back to New York. Leave, go to another country,” someone is heard saying on the video. “You know, take your Muslim quarterback.”

The fan who shot the video doesn’t want to identified.

He’s said two drunk Dolphins fans were the instigators.

“And as you can see in the video, the guy in the Suh jersey, of course, ended up landing punches to the 49er people’s face and also right next to a woman holding a small child,” he said.

In the video, you see other Dolphins fans standing up for the 49rs fans, but it doesn’t help and the first punch is thrown.

The man who was assaulted doesn’t fight back as a woman holding a small child tried to get the attackers to stop.

“The guy that is throwing the punches in the video, he threw some anti-Semitic remarks to his left to one of the few 49ers fans.”

What’s disturbing to this fan is that he said it took security a long time to get to their section.

By the time they arrived, the guilty party was long gone.

“You should have more security in the upper level because those are the cheaper seats,” the gan who took the video explained. “Those are the people getting more drunk, that’s when this is going to happen.”

The Miami Dolphins told CBS4’s Tiani Jones they are looking into the incident.

The fan who shot the video was with his daughter. He said he should be able to take his kid to a game without seeing adults act like kids

Comments (40)
  1. Ra Williams says:

    Probably cost the guy hundreds of dollars to be in the middle of that with his kid. Forget about that NFL.

  2. Nancy Carr says:

    How utterly disgusting. Grown men acting like idiots over a FOOTBALL game. I feel sad for that scared little boy whose mom was holding him. What a poor example of how to behave. UGH.

  3. The Fins never have any security. Nothings changed. Anyone who has children and goes to games are idiots. You never see this at a Panthers hockey game. Then again only 500 people go to them and most are visiting teams fans.

    1. Security is there to watch the game and earn some extra money. If they see trouble they head in the opposite direction.

    2. Paula Devers says:

      Huh? The Panthers average over 14K fans per game, which is over 82 percent capacity of the arena.

  4. John Butts says:

    This article is very poorly written as it reads like an elementary child wrote it.

  5. Doug Day says:

    Check the newsreels of games from the 40’s, 50’s and early sixties…coats and ties, chicks in dresses. America has to try to find its way back…

  6. Big deal this has been going on forever. I remember as a kid at Denver Broncos games in the 70’s there was always some scuffle breaking out in the stands. That’s what guys do.

  7. Suibne Geilt says:


  8. Philadelphia Eagles fans that moved to Florida?

  9. Suibne Geilt says:

    down goes kaeperniki…..down goes kaeperniki….1,2,3…….

  10. Raule Chale says:

    The US has become a mean place since Obama has been in office.

  11. Boys will be boys. Real men like to fight occasionally. Nothing to be upset about, snowflakes.

  12. The fault lies entirely with the San Francisco Forty-Niners organization. The first time Kaepernick knelt, he should have been fired.

  13. Mike Little says:

    And why would you believe you should be free to take your kid to an event where drinking is involved? Quite frankly that is just stupid. I don’t expose my child to such events.

  14. Gary Rodgers says:

    Gave up my club seats back in the Jimmy Johnson era because of the same thing.

  15. Vox Veritas says:

    The perps were probably paid pro-Hillary Black Lives Matter types.

  16. chrismaya says:

    It looks like the first guy to get hit was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

  17. Mike Arvand says:

    Please tell me someone got in enough of a shot at kap to put him out of football forever.

  18. Yet another reason why I avoid crowds. Too many idiots running around.

  19. me and my son were also at this game and we witnessed two more fights in the stands we were on row 1.I think it scared him a little .I was surprised to see this at a dolphin game ,I went to philadelphis lat year to see the dolphins play and it was much calmer and i dint see one fight

  20. They all should have been punching Kaepernick

  21. Mike Hughes says:

    The Cowboys do not have fights in the stands, the fights are on the field and the Cowboy Cheerleaders draw too much attention to have a fight.

  22. So what, it’s the nose bleed section, next time buy better seats or just do the smart thing and watch the game on a nice big TV

  23. Dan Rhodes says:

    Never throw a punch to the face from one row down. Punch the balls until the attacker starts vomiting. Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice. Then be brutal.

  24. I’m sure the alcohol, abysmal educational system and the racial hatred fire being stoked by extremist liberal politicians and the media has nothing to do with these two fools acting like barbarians.

  25. Ron Gallat says:

    This is not an NFL problem, a Miami problem, or a cheap seats problem. It’s a boorish public behavior problem. It doesn’t matter what sport, city, or seating tier you’re in, there are always 2 or 3 man-children who don’t know how to behave and make the experience unpleasant for everyone within screaming distance.

  26. I don’t understand the “Go back to New York” comment… is that directed towards Kaepernick, because he was born in Wisconsin, went to high school in California, and went to college in Nevada…