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And then there were a few less.

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The games are getting more and more exciting and the stakes are getting higher and higher. What happens in this round really tells the story of which teams are true title contenders.

The already paper-thin margin for error gets even smaller in this round. A lot of times, because these second round matchups are often district rematches, these games are won because of adjustments – ones made in pregame preparation and the always important in-game moves.

Teams essentially have to have three game plans: the one the opponent knows about, the one they don’t know about, and a special ace in the hole for emergencies.

The pressure begins to mount now. For almost all of the programs left on the bracket – especially those in South Florida – the games now have greater implications than what actually happens on the field. The future success of these programs hinges and swings on some of the most obscure things.

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Again, it’s all about attention to detail.

I was able to get off to a solid start last week, correctly picking 20 out of 22 games. But the number of games gets cut in half, which means my margin has shrunk too.

There were a lot of blowouts last week, but I do not expect that trend to continue this week.

Record last week: 20-2
Season record: 455-70 (.866 Correct Pick Percentage)

11 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight.

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