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Now that all of that hoopla is done, we can back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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The great thing about sports is the fact that it is immense and intense enough to get lost in. You can pretty much block out whatever you want and be all in on your favorite sport, team, league, etc.

High school football is about to get really fun. Really, really fun – actually.

The playoffs are here and that means you can throw out everything that has happened up to this point. The records don’t mean anything and the only thing that matters at this point is: who can be the best team on the field for five more weeks?

Unlike basketball, where teams typically play a series, football is win or go home.

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Or, to quote one of my favorite movies – “Friday Night Lights” – “win, you move on; lose, you play basketball”.

The opening round of the playoffs tends to go “true to form” – meaning the teams that have had success up to this point, typically continue to find it. That’s mostly because there’s still a good deal of familiarity between the opponents.

It’s usually not until we get to the third round when South Florida teams line up against out-of-town opponents that some extra variables get thrown into the equation.

I’ll point out again, the next two weeks will be about which teams will be able to execute the best and which teams pay attention to the small details.

Record last week: 37-8
Season record: 435-68 (.864 Correct Pick Percentage)

21 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions spotlight.

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