This November’s ballot will include two questions that relate to a proposed one percent sales surtax. One-half percent, or one-half penny, is for funding countywide transportation projects while the other one-half penny is for local government infrastructure projects. Broward County’s priorities for the transportation half-penny include projects to relieve traffic congestion and increase public safety in all 31 municipalities and the Broward Municipal Services District.

The one-half percent sales surtax revenues for countywide transportation projects will go to Broward County for improvements to their system, including traffic signalization, county roadways, intersection improvements, senior mobility options and public transportation (buses and rail). The one-half percent sales surtax for infrastructure projects will go to the municipalities (cities, towns, villages, etc.) in Broward for the construction of capital improvements to public buildings and facilities, the purchase of equipment and public safety vehicles, local road and transportation projects and improvements, pedestrian safety projects, and recreation/conservation land acquisition. For the last 10 years of the 30-year infrastructure surtax, 60 percent will continue to go to municipalities for infrastructure while 40 percent of the infrastructure surtax funds will go to Broward County to assist in funding capital investments in the transportation system.

Improved Intersections
Roadway projects will include new and longer turn lanes, wind-resistant signal mast arms, drainage improvements, bike lanes, wider sidewalks and other pedestrian-friendly enhancements.

Adaptive Signalization
New technology will enable traffic signals to automatically adapt timing patterns in real-time to reduce congestion, prioritize emergency vehicle traffic and keep buses and motorists on schedule.

Safer School Zones
Improvements in school zone flashers, pavement markings and signage and sidewalks will result in safer routes for our children to walk and bike to school.

More Transportation Options
New routes, rapid routes and new buses will help keep pace with rider demand. Light rail will connect our airport, seaport and Convention Center, and a study will lay the foundation for expansion to east-west commuter corridors.

Did You Know?

  • Broward County’s 1,230 square miles include a vast 800-square mile water conservation area on the west and 23 miles of beaches on the east. Our less than 450 square miles of buildable land is almost completely built out, and yet our population continues to grow – an estimated 64 new households move into Broward County each day.
  • Local governments have planned years of short and long-term projects that would use surtax funds to increase community connectivity, reduce congestion, enhance public safety and plan for future growth while improving current quality of life.
  • Ridership on Broward County Transit is at 40 million passenger trips per year, and growing faster than both Broward’s population and the transit bus fleet. Rider demand is for more routes, frequent and rapid routes, and environmentally friendly, alternative fuel buses.
  • The penny surtax would be used by local governments to secure federal and state funding that would make large projects more affordable, achievable and accelerated.
  • Transportation and infrastructure projects contribute economic impact. Proposed projects are expected to create more than 43,000 jobs, most of them during the first 15 years. Light rail, in addition to easing traffic congestion in local areas and along commuter routes, will spur growth in small businesses along the corridor. For more information, visit

Above content provided by Broward County.


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