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Have you ever wondered about things to do in Costa Rica?

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This beautiful Central American country has eco-tourism opportunities that will set your senses ablaze. Cradled between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east, Costa Rica offers the natural beauty of ancient rainforests, active volcanoes, luscious beaches and protected habitats for vibrant vegetation and wildlife.

Natural environments like the Veragua Rainforest, the Bocuare Jungle and the Parque Nacional Cahuita (in English: Cahuita National Park) are available for your enjoyment when you visit enchanting Costa Rica. The rainforest is home to the majestic Puma Waterfall. Visitors can hike, zip-line or take a tram to witness its power, beauty and brilliance first-hand. Walks or hikes will also enable visitors to take in the grandeur of the giant trees that inhabit the rainforest.

If wonders of the air are more appealing to you, Bocuare Jungle will amaze you. More than 100 birds call the jungle home. From herons to woodpeckers to hummingbirds and robins, visitors can cast their eyes to the air and trees to see these fowls traverse the landscape.

Cahuita (comes from the word ‘kawe,’ meaning mahogany and ‘ta’ which means point) National Park protects Costa Rica’s largest coral reef. The national park includes several ecological environments like a swamp, rainforest and woodlands; however, visitors may choose to focus upon the marine life. Sea urchins, blue parrot fish and three species of sharks, just to name a few, may be seen as guests journey.

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Tortuguero Canal offers another locale to experience Costa Rica’s rich vegetation up close and personal. Opportunities to spy more than 500 species of diverse varieties are available when guests boat this densely grown waterway. Visitors must stay on the ready for gorgeous water lilies, menacing crocodiles, agile spider monkeys, unassuming manatees and even obscure jaguars in the undergrowth.

Wildlife sanctuaries pristinely kept and protected in Costa Rica will also enable visitors to see other interesting creatures like white-faced howler and spider monkeys, baby sloths and deer among many other types of creatures.

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