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Sure, South Floridians could use planes, trains or automobiles to go on a vacation, but cruise ship vacations provide so many more benefits. Convenience, comfortability and comradery top the list of reasons why South Floridians choose cruising time and time again.

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Located near the city’s downtown, PortMiami is tagged as the “Cruise Capital of the World.” More than any other port in the world, South Floridians’ “home port” processed more than 4.9 million multi-day passengers in 2015, and there are no indications of it slowing down. It serves as the berth home for 18 cruise brands that sail 42 ships from the port, including MSC Cruises’ first Seaside-class ship that comes complete with cutting edge design and technology, and will sail the Caribbean year-round beginning in December 2017. Reportedly, PortMiami is the departure destination of choice for cruises to the nearby Bahamas and Caribbean islands, and also Mexico.

Where people from other locations have to incur greater expense to travel to PortMiami, South Floridians have the luxury to travel to the mega port at little to no expense, comparatively. Parking at the port or neighboring park and cruise facilities can range from $8-$20 per day, which can add up quickly, said recent cruiser Ajac. That’s another expense that South Floridians can avoid when they are dropped off at the port, and drop off points are conveniently located in front of each terminal.


“Unlike flying, the protocol to board the ship is a lot different from going through TSA,” said Dorothy, Ajac’s wife; the pair recently traveled on an MSC cruise from PortMiami.

“You can take as many pieces of baggage that you want at no additional cost. You can take water and liquids on board. You show your ID once to get on board. After that, you show your ship ID.”

As a senior citizen, Dorothy found the “less hassle” approach of cruising a real comfort for her and Ajac, who are both in their 70s.

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“Most of all, you don’t have to change your attire,” said Dorothy, who calls South Florida her second home. “You don’t have to change your style because we live in a tropical climate.”

South Florida weather is very similar to that experienced on warm weather cruises.

“You don’t have to buy extra clothes to go cruising, especially if you’re going on a sail that goes to the Caribbean,” Dorothy said.


The PortMiami is located in Miami-Dade County, which is home to a community of 2.6 million residents, from more than 120 countries, who speak more than 80 languages. Similarly, cruises can board thousands of guests from multiple countries, speaking many native languages. Therefore, South Floridians should feel like they are right at home when they cruise. Because of the convenience of  PortMiami to Floridians, cruising can be an opportunity to meet other Floridians.

“You meet your neighbors from Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, other cities within the state, other counties and within your own community,” stated Dorothy, who met South Floridians celebrating their anniversary on their Eastern Caribbean MSC cruise.

“You can make acquaintances with lasting friends,” she concluded.

To experience an MSC cruise from PortMiami, contact your travel agent, visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878.

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