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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — Fresh off his visit to the nation’s capital, Gov. Rick Scott announced new jobs today, christening the opening of a fiber options firm that moved from Pennsylvania to Ft. Lauderdale.

But he didn’t shake his concern over the lack of action in Congress to pass a Zika funding bill. Despite a full court appeal and push from many Florida leaders, he returned from D.C. empty handed.

“They have to figure out how to work this together, to get it done. I said I am disappointed in anybody that voted against the bill… we had a bill last week for $1.1 billion and Bill Nelson voted against it and that is disappointing,” shared Scott.

The governor also called on the Center for Disease Control to step up promised assistance to Florida.

“I am a little frustrated. We need more support from the CDC. We opened it up to every pregnant woman, which is the right thing to do, to get an assessment. We need more lab support. We are buying more equipment,” revealed the Governor.

Responding to concerns that pregnant women are having to wait too long for results to their Zika testing?

“I would be frustrated if I were them, first off. I have two daughters that are child-bearing age and they are asking about Zika all the time,” Scott said.

And there is also a backlog of Zika prevention kits. The CDC is on record saying that it will soon run out of funding if Congress does not take action.

Meanwhile, state and local officials say South Florida is facing a public health crisis over the spread of Zika and community concern is growing over the use of aerial spraying over Miami Beach.