By Mike Cugno

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Dolphins held a players-only meeting Friday to discuss a possible demonstration against racial inequality during the national anthem in their season opener.

Sunday marks 15 years since the September 11th terror attacks. Families will mourn lost loved ones. Americans across the country will pause to reflect on one of the most horrific days in our history.

But in the NFL, many players say they’re considering using that day to protest.

The Seahawks’ roster has a demonstration planned for the national anthem.

Dolphin players may also have something in the works, but it appears to be on an individual basis.

“Every man for himself, I guess. Each his own,” said Dolphins safety Reshad Jones. “Everybody have different opinions and entitled to different things.

It’s a controversial gesture which will likely be even more polarizing with the opening of the NFL season falling on the 9/11 anniversary.

The NFL says they plan on honoring service men and women, first responders and the victims of September 11th across the league on Sunday.

There will also be a message from President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush.

Comments (131)
  1. David says:

    I have been a fin fan since 1968, if they sit, I will watch them. follow them, attend games or support them again in any way

    1. David says:

      I meant I will NEVER watch them. follow them, attend games or support them again in any way

      1. Dan Dasson says:

        NFL has become soccer. Forget them. Enjoy your family, enjoy college ball.

      2. TPM says:

        Ultimately, we the fans hold the purse strings!

      3. Steve lengyel says:

        I agree I went to the Dolphins Super Bowl in Texas when I was a 11 yr old and have been a loyal fan of them and been there through thick and thin
        N but if they try to make today about making a point instead of supporting all the people that suffered during 9/11 and our men and women in the military the I will be done with them and their sponsors as we. God bless and never forget

      4. Lee says:

        I will be boycotting the Dolphins if their ownership and coaches cannot maintain team discipline. This is the anniversary of 9/11, for God’s sake. The NFL isn’t going to learn apparently, until they feel it in their wallets. Any Dolphins player who can’t show respect for the national anthem doesn’t belong on this team.

        Free speech which is offensive carries consequences.


    2. jeff says:

      I agree, go to work do your job you sure get paid enough to do so!! Fans are paying to see you play, they don’t care about your personal views.

      1. TPM says:

        Hey owner Stephen Ross, do something or you would lose millions, we the fans hold the purse strings!

    3. Amy says:

      I grew up in Hollywood, was in high school during their undefeated season. They have been my team since 1967. If they do not respect America, then they do not deserve my support. If the Fins do this, real Americans will empty the stadium in protest.

    4. snailmailtrucker says:

      Any American who attends any NFL Game, Watches a Game on TV or supports any NFL team or any group that Disrespects America…. can Go F themselves as far as I am concerned !
      They are Not Americans and They all should pack their bags and Move the F Out !

  2. Smarg Jones (@SmargJones) says:

    Pure human garbage. The NFL is now an arm of the BLM terrorists. Black kids are now doing it. Obama has destroyed the nation God help us.

    1. bc3b says:

      Time to pull he plug on the NFL. This has been building for a while with the current overpaid, politically correct dolt who is commissioner. Let the semi-literate players work for minimum wage at the car wash rather than $525k minimum.

      1. timparker999 says:

        They are “people of color rich” so most of them will be dead broke by the time they are 40. It’s bad karma to bite the hand of the country that so obscenely feeds you.

    2. Bob says:

      These (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleteds) can go (expletive deleted) themselves. I can not (expletive deleted) and will not (expletive deleted) waste another (expletive deleted) minute or dollar on the (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) NFL if this (expletive deleted) is allowed to continue.

      Anyone who is offended by my words can go (expletive deleted) their (expletive deleted) selves.

      1. TPM says:

        I am with you!

      2. Awesome Comment! AMERICA-LOVE IT OR LEAVE ! And take “The Kenyan” with ya !

  3. C.B. says:

    It is rather hypocritical for multi-millionaire game-players to protest against “inequality” and “injustice”. FIRE. THEM. ALL.

  4. libertyville says:

    I guess I’ll be watching much less football this year. If the players don’t give two hoots about me, why should I give them any attention.

    1. Long Time Fin Fan says:

      Libertyville, we live here too and I am with you, I will be watchung lots less football

  5. Cincinnati Kid says:

    I’m DONE with the NFL and their cry baby players.Time to BOYCOTT the NFL and their sponsors

  6. Drew says:

    I will stop watching the NFL if this happens on 9/11 I will start fishing, walking or do anything beside watching this garbage. Make these players realize who pays there salary. Mostly families of Police and military that attend these game. People need to start turning in their season tickets and say enough is enough. Until the upbringing of the youth is addressed in these neighborhoods nothing will change. Disrespecting the flag, our country and our military is not the answer.

  7. stonedome says:

    #nflboycott…let it begin. any company can determine what it’s employees can say while they are speaking as its representatives

  8. Sammythebu11 says:

    You sit, I spend my money somewhere else. be an activist on your own time and on your own dime. the NFL sponsors are going to feel it too, I will send each one the same email explaining why. let’s see who puts more money in their pockets, Black Lives Matter or the rest of america.

  9. I’ve watched NFL and AFL, including the first Superbowl, which was on both the AFL network (NBC) and the NFL network (CBS). I never watched it for its political/social content. If the NFL promotes anti-cop organizations, which have assassinated law officers, I’ll find something better to do with my time.

  10. Garner says:

    Show some respect for the county that’s made it possible for you to become millionaires. Do it on your own time ignorant crybags!!

  11. On 9/11, while the Nation warns, cry baby millionaires intend to sulk on National TV to fans that want only to watch professional football. Oh wait, did these cry babies build the league to the money maker it is? Oops, no! I say cut them all. Let them protest on their own time.

  12. I’ve had season tickets for almost 20 years, and they are going in the trash and my seats will be empty. You can’t stand up for America. So many liveswere lost so you can play in a free country. Good bye NFL . Hey Rogers Goodell have some Balls!

  13. The Broncos allowed protest of the National anthem, then they attacked Cam Newton with four vicious head shots, probably because he did not support it. This is becoming a matter of player safety. Cut those prima donnas who can’t find time to trash their country on their own time. They’re not going to trash mine.

  14. Bigger government spreads politics into every inch of our society…smaller government is the answer to this repulsive encroachment.

  15. AZSmitty says:

    Watch out NFL. Have none of you heard the story of “Killing the Goose that lays the golden eggs”? A “group” of overachieving athletes who have been given a pass for bad behavior ever since they were in High School. How many have we seen commit crimes when in College only to have the police and administration turn a blind eye because the offender was a key player on the football team? So now we have a “group” of multimillionaires strutting around once again saying “hey look at me”. It is past time for the adults in the room (Owners) to remind them they are employees.

  16. Palm Beach Pete says:

    Plenty of options……..College FB/BB….NASCAR…..F1….Indy Cars….Golf….Hockey…..Got it????

  17. RightStuff1944 says:

    All this “taking a knee” is a community organizer’s wet dream. Thank you, Barack Obama for your “leadership”.

    1. bmwguy says:

      Best take of the day, thank you.

  18. Paul says:

    I had a meeting and determined to quit watching the NFL and not buying any NFL merchandise

  19. Doug Jordan says:

    The more I see the NFL these days the more I love baseball.

  20. I hope that idiot commissioner and the owners are watching the comments section. They are losing their market to this BLM SJW idiocy

  21. Long Time Fin Fan says:

    Everyone at the game should walk out for the first quarter or at the very least turn their backs on the players for 10 minutes or so after the anthem. Sham on the players and shame on the NFL. If the players continue to do this I’m done watching, I have a lot of better things to do on Sundays instead of sitting in front of a TV.

  22. zonablue says:

    Dear NFL,

    I’m done with you.

  23. Kim A Kirk says:

    I’m done with the NFL… never again will I watch this dying sport.

  24. Garner says:

    I’m thinking the police should take knee when American Patriots go after the race-bating whiners.

  25. highondeath says:

    IF I was the coach, I’d bench anyone focussing on anything other than their next opponent! There’s only 16 games. Do your jobs!

  26. LeeP says:

    They don’t call it the Felon League for nothing. Police should boycott the games, let NFL find their own security.

  27. Patti says:

    Why should the American taxpayers pay the overtime of the LEO’s to provide security for the NFL games? Let them provide their own security. I ,for one ,am done with the NFL and any other professional sport that allows their players to use their sport for political statements. The owners pay these players salaries, and they can control their actions. I am not allowed to make any offensive statement at work. Well, their actions offend me. They can do whatever they want on their own time. I can find something much more productive to do with my time then watch these overpaid crybabies whine about inequality. Honestly, the NFL lost me with Beyonce’s political anti-cop half time Super Bowl show. I have a brother and a son in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniform, and I will not support a sport that allows that “woman” to come on national TV and protest their bravery. Good bye NFL. I hope you and these overpaid athletes go bankrupt!

  28. GoAheadAndTryIt says:

    I quit the Dolphins in 1975, and 1983 and evey year they have sucked, which is every year. Go ahead, you fing hdp’s. You might as well move out of town for all I give a damn. It sure would be a shame for Mr. Ross to shed money after all he has invested.

  29. Randy Wyant says:

    John Tortorella, coach of the U.S. World Cup ice hockey team, said if anyone sits during the national anthem, they will sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Ditch the NFL and switch to the NHL. I did.

    1. nytotx says:

      Score! It’s the NHL for me too.

  30. usafrn says:

    I will skip football season 2016-17 if players disrespect our American anthem or flag. They disrespect citizens and veterans.

  31. Good bye, football. My Sundays will now be spent outside, and/or being productive.

  32. massgopguy says:

    They are protesting Racial Inequality in a league that’s 75% African-American.

  33. Bud Buddy says:

    Football fans should boycott watching and going to the games all year! Then see how racial inequality really works! There are probably 85% of the players in the NFL that are of color, making multi millions of dollars every year in salary and endorsements, yet how many of these players do anything to improve the situations in these Ghettos in the large cities where generation after generation, they keep having kids with parents that live off the system, have little to no education, by choice, and continue to rain havoc on society. Look at the ratios of black on black violence, black on white violence, white on white violence, hispanic on black and so on , compared to the actual percentage of population. If you don’t appreciate this country and what it stands for , then leave!

  34. I never thought the NFL would commit suicide but here we go I guess.

  35. rich says:

    I’m done with football and I’m contacting sponsers of the NFL why i will not be using any product of a company that supports NFL players who disrespect what the flag stands for and the people who died defending it

  36. A bunch of millionaire blacks, living lives most people only dream of are sitting around complaining how people like them can’t get ahead in our country because racism.

    Typical Obamaland.

    1. SargintRock says:

      Time for Csonka to kick some ass and set things right!

  37. Roger says:

    It’s time to boycott the NFL and any product advertised during an NFL game, and especially any product endorsed by spoiled clowns like Kaepernick. Hit them in the wallet. Money is all they understand.

  38. John Mulvihill says:

    If the NFL doesn’t put a stop to this BS with fines and suspensions, I will never watch or go to another NFL football game, so help me God! We lost so many FDNY Brothers who never returned on 9/11, and are still losing them to the WTC illnesses. Not counting the NYPD, civilians, and military still fighting in the Middle East. The players of the NFL who partake in this atrocity are nothing more than million dollar cowards. If they really want to make a difference, and help change America for the better they should donate their time and money to a worthwhile cause! Put your money where your two faced mouth is!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🚒🚨👮🏼👮🏼

  39. sonotaliberal says:

    If this continues, those childish, whiny, and rich-from-the-profits of this sport will lose a significant portion of their viewers. Advertisers don’t like that. In fact, the advertisers should know why people are no longer purchasing their products. Protesting is a two way street.

  40. Rob Smith says:

    Compared to Blacks, Whites’ brains:

         •   are 7% larger (1438cc versus 1343cc)
         •   are 100 grams heavier
         •   have deeper fissuration in the frontal and occipital regions
         •   have more complex convolutions and larger frontal lobes
         •   have more pyramidal neurons
         •   have 16% thicker supra-grandular layer
         •   react faster on mental chronometry tests
         •   have 600 million more neurons (each carries about 600 billion synapses, which each carry one bit of cortical information)

    Genes contribute to about 90% of the individual variation of brain size.

  41. Steve Coffman says:

    I think my days of NFL football are over. I’ve always enjoyed the games and attended a few but if those greed, money grubbing players think they are being mistreated, I’m done with them!

  42. Yea,go ahead,Dolphins…do it….give me yet more reasons to forget NFL for good… if I needed any

  43. Jay says:

    Goodbye Seahawks, Hello San Jose Sharks!

  44. Mike Morales says:

    The NFL owners will be looking at diminished revenue from here on out. A fair percentage of their paying demographic is about to turn to something else on Sundays. I’m on the cusp. One or two mass protests and I’ll never come back to the sport I have loved most since childhood.

    1. I guess this may be the new way to identify a Trump supporter, look for the ones who stand for national anthem???

  45. EFF football, the kneelers are pathetic bunch of spoiled overpaid un-american losers.

    Effball, after the anthem, the players who stand & face the flag should immediately walk away from the game in protest.
    Will the REAL football players PLEASE SHOW YOUR PATRIOTISM & SHUT IT DOWN!

  46. Bob says:

    These (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleteds) can go (expletive deleted) themselves. I can not (expletive deleted) and will not (expletive deleted) waste another (expletive deleted) minute or dollar on the (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) NFL if this (expletive deleted) is allowed to continue.

    Anyone who is offended by my words can go (expletive deleted) their (expletive deleted) selves.

  47. jane says:

    I hope the NFL doesn’t think they can stave off negative fan reactions to players protesting by doing some league wide show. They probably think if they do a glitzy half time show with dancers in skimpy red white & blue outfits that will make up for the whining rich players disrespecting the anthem and the flag.

  48. Carlos Danger says:

    I’m not a true fan to begin with, and if these wealthy “sportsmen” follow through, then I’ve watched my last NFL game . It’ll be instructive to see how the League handles this threat.
    Just knowing that so many rich guys feel this way and WANT to do this is galling. It is their right to speak up, and my right to condemn them, their employer, and their sponsors as I head for the door.

  49. Go ahead and protest your perception of racial inequality. Just don’t use our National Anthem to do it. It is a black eye for all of the ‘institutions of higher learning” these ignorant spoiled brats attended. I would be that not one of these cretins would be unable to recognize the war of 1812.

  50. Rick738842 says:

    Let’s replace the National Anthem with a UN Global Unity Anthem? Let’s face reality folks, this is the intent behind this stunt.

  51. Churyl Minne says:

    The NFL could end it quickly if they so desired and so could Congress. Congress could take away the NFL’s exemption from anti-trust rules (i.e. they are a monopoly) and force the same Title IX hiring rules (including quotas for women and other minorities). Let’s see how the black players like getting kicked off teams (and losing $$$) because under qualified players replace them.

  52. They will be a lot of people turning their TV sets off and others walking out of the stadiums.

  53. Love of country is more important than spoiled millionaires making jerks of themselves. One idiot acts up and the channel gets switched. If it continues, boycott the sponsors.

  54. I always said the NFL would eat itself, but i did not think it would be from allowing the employees to run things. I thought it would be some greed like gambling exposed.

    See ya NFL.

  55. What Obama-Clinton hath wrought.


  56. Bill Sims says:

    Lifelong Dolphins fan. If they sit, I’m done for life.

  57. L Potter says:

    The Dolphins sit, I am no longer a fan,

  58. Mark Albury says:

    If the Dolphins do anything but respect the Flag of these United States, I will demand my season ticket money back and I ve been a Ticket holder since 1977. And if the NFL agree to this blatant disrespect of our Nations Flag I will never watch an NFL Game again.

  59. Amy says:

    If an entire team is against America, empty the stadiums after the anthem, call the advertisers on Monday and stop the flow of money to these traitors.

  60. Tom says:

    The National Felon League. Doing what felons do. And biting the hand that feeds them. No wonder they’re so stupid

  61. itsy_bitsy says:

    The time has come for football fans to stop buying tickets to the football games! This will bring a very rapid change in the players and owners. Believe me nothing speaks louder than cutting off the golden goose – in other words your dollars! You take away their multi millions of dollars and they will be oh so willing to show respect for the flag and the anthem!

  62. Will says:

    The REALLY should be making their political statements ON THEIR OWN TIME. The policy where I work is NOT AT WORK because I’m being paid… it’s NOT my own time! When they are playing a game it’s not their time either. WE THE FANS are paying for it. If they insist on violating this policy that the rest of us have to live by, they should be fired.

  63. I will note the advertisers and who the players sponsors are and then boycott the sponsors and advertisers.

  64. I’m done with the NFL, & will do my best to avoid any sponsors’ product.

  65. Colonel Angus says:

    They should all get concussions and herpes…..

  66. Emm Are Kay says:

    The Dolphins suck…shouldn’t they be a bit more worried about playing football?

  67. Ken McCard says:

    If one sits I quit.

  68. Jay Talber says:

    The nfl has been corrupted by politics. Boycott the nfl.

  69. MSStuart says:

    Die hard fan since 1971. Will NEVER support them again if they pull this stunt. No more jerseys, no more NFL cable packages. Just play football.

  70. Lyt Tpo says:

    don’t do it. Dolphin fan and if any player sits, I am done with the NFL

  71. Mike Jones says:

    I will boycott NFL merchandise, attend no games, will watch not watch NFL games or sports shows on television featuring NFL coverage if the NFL continues to allow this deplorable display of disrespect based on a lie to continue

  72. Psalmon says:

    Soccer is the best choice. MLS people… Concussions, Drugs, Violence…bye by Football.

  73. Smooth Lee says:

    Let me add that this canard of keeping the teams in their locker rooms until after the anthem doesn’t cut it. I want to see who respects America, respects the service of active and retired military personnel and who does not. Roger Goodell should have quashed this silly, self-centered display when it started.

  74. patrcikhenry says:

    A note to the Miami Dolphins: Shame, Shame, Shame … all on you.
    I don’t want to hear you political opinions taken out into the playing field.
    If you can’t honor America or even stand when the National Anthemn is played, then you do not belong in the USA. Go away. I don’t care where. Go to Canada, go to the UK, go the Germany, go to Africa… just go. A note to NFL teams and the NFL: I will forever boycott you if you continue along these lines.
    We the People do not need you. But you need us. Think about it.

  75. sanityisrare says:

    Disrespecting our flag…isn’t that what the 9/11 terrorists also did?

  76. Alberto J. Gonzalez says:

    I have been following the dolphins since 1970.
    If they do anything to disrespect our flag and country that will be it for me and the 2016 season.
    Im sure I can find something else to occupy my free time.

  77. joseph stalin says:

    Let me understand this. A league which has many of its players that are law breakers. Players with arrests for spousal-girlfriend abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, assault, drug use, DUI’s, even murder and they are going to lecture police officers and the rest of society about how down trodden you are! Are you serious NFL players? Yea without sin cast the first stone hypocrites!

  78. Sean says:

    Very simple solution. These men are men of means. They make millions playing a game. They get somewhere around half a million just being on a team.
    So pretty much, they are financially set.
    Perhaps then they should just quit the NFL and become cops and work to fix what they consider broken.
    Quit complaining and start doing NFL players.

  79. Neal N. Lichmee says:

    Without football, these clowns would struggle to make fries at the golden arches. They are spoiled dimwits, who have not a clue what oppression is. They have their shoes shined for them, their uniforms laundered for them, food and drink completely supplied to them, and they are whisked around the country in luxury chartered aircraft. Yeah, these a-hats have a beef.

  80. fred russo says:

    Had season tickets with NYG 1958- 1979. Have not seen a pro game since than. Since 1980 been a SEC collage football fan. Never once since 1979 have i regretted it! NFL players are cry babes over paid and greedy. Hope they kill the golden goose!!!!!

  81. Dave Barr says:

    My biggest hope is they get what they deserve.

  82. I hope they do it. I hope all the teams do it I hope all the cameras pan in in them and show America what blacks truly think of the Nation they reside in. I hope it opens some white eyes and I hope all of them will find sake etching else to do Sundays other than watch top10% blacks play a kids game in a Nation they’re despise.

  83. Afan says:

    I’ve been a die hard fan since the early 70s. I’m also a vet and a LEO. If they sit or protest in any way, then I walk away. The NFL, the Fins and there sponsors will be dead to me. It will be hard to say goodbye, but some things are worth taking a stand on….I hope you’re listening NFL and Dolphins ownership.

  84. Al Dente says:

    Every fan in the stadium should WALK OUT.

  85. I love how people talk about not watching the NFL ever again and yet every year the stadiums sell out, the SuperBowl gets bigger and bigger, and everyone sits down to watch it. Stop crying or go back to Drudge and cry into your beer.

  86. Bill Elder says:

    It’s really sad how this manure pile in the white house has so thoroughly dripped it’s corrosive attitudes and belief down thru the layers of our once Great country.

  87. suibne says:

    get up, walk out. do not turn on your set……have a nice day at home with the kids. they will destroy sport even more than they have already…..and you are letting them.

  88. Alan Henry says:

    This is all because of Obama, the worst President in the history of our country. He has divided the country between blacks and white, between the police and blacks, between rich and poor, between Christians and secularists etc, etc, He should never have been elected in the first place.

  89. Steve Mc says:

    Done with all of football. Too bad it has been made into a political ball, but I’m done with it.

  90. Boris Badinov says:

    These whiney SJWs who make millions in the NFL and don’t even know what a quadratic equation is, yet they want to dis the only country in the world where this is even possible?

    Even sadder, the NFL is bowing to this PC BS! They can all pound sand! If I watch TV on Sunday, I’ll watch 9-11 commemoration ceremonies, or maybe a John Wayne movie. I’m done with anyone or anything that buys into this PC foolishness. Sponsors take note.

  91. MarkC says:

    Yes, lets discuss racial inequaity with the Miami Dolphins. The NFL is 66% black, a statistics disproportionate to their makeup of the general population.

  92. These over paid jocks are protesting what? The all live in affluent primarily high end white hoods. How many of them give back to the black community or black charities. And then only on a token bases considering their incomes. We can live without sports but try to live without a hospital, doctors, nurses, garbage men, etc for very long. Unfortunately, we have an element in this country that has no other life other than to become jack-strap worshipers. Finally, how is the NFL a 501C corporation when it comes to taxes?

  93. I will turn you off NFL and sell my season tickets to the highest bidder most likely visiting fans
    and this after 25 years of season ticket ownership to multiple franchises, Same goes for my Hawks and Braves tickets and I don’t even love them like my phins. You should remember I and and I mean the fans are the only reason you exist.

  94. Ironwood says:

    Kaepernick is right. End the government oppression of Blacks now. The oppression of low expectations. Blacks don’t need help from the corrupt government. Stop affirmative action, college admission preferences, NAACP, UNCF, minority set asides, and any other racial preferences now. Call it the Kaepernick Bill.

  95. Benjamin Eaton says:

    National Fatwah League …

  96. HeywoodJablowme says:

    I will continue to not watch these overpaid uneducated idiots.

  97. Packer Fan says:

    Between the terrorist-supporting players and the content-blocking games played by management, I am officially done. It’s been a good run, but I am done here. Time for some college ball or time away from the boob tube. Goodbye NFL.

  98. Make a list of the unpatriotic players and boycott the games on TV and at the stadium until every one in the ingrates are gone.

  99. joe says:

    Fans should stay outside stadium if they sit ,fans should walk- fans at home should switch T V to
    to another game where they stand and respect our FLAG

  100. anthony david says:

    They can all go to hell if they “protest” (they’re not protesting anything, they’re just seeking attention) the anniversary of one of the darkest days on American soil. They’re all bunch of self-serving hypocrites.

  101. Sagesteve says:


  102. J says:

    I say, lets advertise all of the companies that pay NFL players to promote their products and let them know our feelings of having someone like that speaking on behalf of their products. I think that when you hit these players in the pocket book, they’ll suddenly forget about what they were protesting, which is nothing.