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This is a great week for football lovers.

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There’s high school football, college football, and now the NFL will join in starting Thursday.

We’re talking about having access to football five days out of the week, people. What a time to be alive.

Last week was quite the spectacular week for this bald predictor. I only lost two games out of 48 (congratulations Coral Park).

I can’t lie, I patted myself on the back a little after that one. But I have to put that away and move on to the next week of games. You’re only as good as your last pick, right?

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Looking at this week’s slate of games, it’s a “slow week” to the untrained eye. It’s easy to get spoiled by big-time, national matchups like we had during the first two weeks of the season.

But it’s weeks like this where teams really start to come together. This is also the time of year where execution becomes more paramount as teams now have a couple of weeks’ worth of film to review and use to game plan.

I also hope that everyone has been paying attention to my PSA’s regarding September being National Prostate Health Awareness month. All month long, I’ll be sharing information pertaining to men’s prostate health and encouraging everyone to support the cause by wearing blue. Please join me and #GoBlue this month.

Record last week: 46-2
Season record: 90-11 (.891 Correct Pick Percentage)

48 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight.

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