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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) — Dozens of protesters lined up in front of Miami Beach city hall as local leaders talked about a chemical causing debate in the Zika fight – Naled.

Mosquito control crews were set to spray Naled over Miami Beach, just like they did in Wynwood, starting Thursday but growing concerns from residents and local leaders prompted a delay.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued a statement on the matter, saying in part:

“During today’s meeting with the City of Miami Beach, City leadership, and residents asked for more time to prepare and inform Miami Beach residents and visitors about our aerial spraying plan. In consultation with health experts and the City of Miami Beach, we have agreed to delay aerial spraying with adulticide by one day. We will begin spraying on Friday around 5:00 a.m, weather permitting, and will spray this Sunday, and the following two weekends. This schedule will minimize disruption to our school children and families.”

Earlier, residents and local officials sat down for an informational meeting – a meeting wrought with major debate on Naled. Crowds at the meeting inside city hall were passionate Wednesday morning as Mayor Gimenez spoke about the scheduled spray meant to control the mosquito population – a culprit in the spread of the virus.

“The city of Miami Beach offered a reasonable solution to spray natural pesticide and it was overridden by the state,” said Miami Beach resident Michael Capponi.

Also there, were state health officials, CDC representatives, and Naled experts. The residents did not want to hear from any of them during the meeting. Protesters carrying signs demanded that independent experts speak about Naled.

“This chemical was ran out of Puerto Rico. It’s been banned in 22 European Unions and it’s the wrong message to be sent especially when you’re dealing with tourism here in Miami,” said business owner Chad Allison.

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Despite expert advice that the amount of Naled to be sprayed is too low to be harmful, many worry it’s dangerous and poses health risks. In this case, it will be spread offshore, then waft over land.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is not happy about it; however, he says, based on what the experts tell him, it must be done. Over the weekend, the number of mosquitos caught in traps went up – meaning the population is growing.

“It came from the strong recommendation, from what we’ve been told, by the CDC, as well as the surgeon general, the Department of Agriculture and that decision, truly is solely made by the governor of the state of Florida,” said Levine on Tuesday.

Levine said he learned from the state on Tuesday through a news release that Florida Governor Rick Scott was mandating the spraying of Naled on the beach using its helicopters and its contractors – a decision that Mayor Gimenez is also supporting.

“I have to do my duty and I know that every once in a while, I have to make a very difficult decision that is not going to be fully supported by the people,” said Mayor Gimenez.

He says he is trying to be consistent and follow expert recommendations.

“If the commission doesn’t want this, then I need to go back to my attorney and say do I have the duty and right to do this. I need to be consistent in the application of how we’re going to fight mosquitoes in Miami-Dade County,” said Gimenez. “I cannot choose one community over another community.”

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The recommendations came after mosquitoes in Miami Beach tested positive for the Zika virus last week, prompting stepped up spraying efforts in the city’s transmission zone. Despite that, the mosquito population grew, raising more concern about the spread of the virus that has been linked to severe birth defects in children.

For Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola, the link to birth defects is a big issue for him.

“I have an unborn child that I am taking care of and I’m worried about Zika,” said Arriola. “Can I look at myself in the mirror if something were to happen to my child or any of your children? The answer to that is no.”

As for how to stop the scheduled spraying Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco said, “The only way this gets stopped is one of two ways – either the county reconsiders or we’re able to get an injunction. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.”

Grieco told CBS4’s Silva Harapetian, he had an attorney already lined up in case they had to file for an injunction.

As of Wednesday, there were 56 non-travel related cases of the virus in Florida and 596 travel-related cases. Eighty pregnant women in the state have been infected with Zika.

So far, the local transmission zones are the following:

  • Wynwood Area – NW 22nd St. at the South, NE 2nd Ave to NE 23rd St. at the east; NW 3rd Ave to the west; and NE 36th St to the north.
  • Miami Beach Area – 28th Street to the north, 8th Street to the south, intercoastal water to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

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  1. buford says:

    The PROTESTERS need to be sprayed.

  2. J Alan says:

    Fine. Let these Liberals catch Zika and fend for themselves…

  3. Kevin says:

    Ummm… folks… while this report doesn’t mention it, the spray appears to be annihilating the honeybee population…..

    1. Keith Wood says:

      There are honeybees elsewhere, which can be brought in later to replace those being lost.

      Zika must be stopped, and this is our one chance to do it.

    2. Nick Berio says:

      They need to take another look at DDT

  4. Manateebob says:

    the stupidity of treehuggers is beyond me. Lets see, you have an effective insecticide but you’d prefer to have a tiny headed deformed kid or grandchild. Naled has been used for years.
    Just don’t go out when they spray. These treehuggers ought to be more worried over their coffee from Starbucks wih pesticide residue. Or the water they drink from all their little plastic bottles. The words for these protestors are unprintable.

  5. MaryP says:

    Were the protesters hired by George Soros, as typical these days?

  6. So let us see. Rick Scott owns the only mosquito spraying company approved to spray for Zika carrying mosquitoes. Rick Scott’s company is spraying the same exact pesticide that has caused the birth defects blamed on Zika. And Zika virus patent is owned by the Rockefeller Foundation. No problem here. TV says be afraid, the mosquitoes, which by the way were dumped on the Everglades by Bill Gates, and everyone bows before their god in worship.

    No problems here. It is the protesters fault. They are wrong for not believing what they are told to believe.

    Not having a weak mind is a crime in FluoriDUH………

    1. jojothe dogfacedboy says:

      Liberal are not scared of Zika because they are already Pinheads. DDT is the answer and they better use it quick before the bats contract Zika and mutate into killer bats that attack humans for their blood….kinda like the IRS under Obama.

    2. If you put in half as much time at work as you do on Byzantine conspiracy hallucinations your boss must be thrilled.

  7. cleo48 says:

    These jackylls would complain if you hung them with a new rope.

  8. Nick Berio says:

    They need to take another look at DDT. The hysteria around DDT was probably overblown with faulty studies used by Rachel Carson

  9. april says:

    How about encouraging Purple Martin and Bat habitats instead. These creatures will do a much better job without damaging the ecosystem, or humans.

    1. Moz says:

      Bats and purple martins (a bird) tend to feed way up in the air, not at ground level where most of the skeeters are. Over a big flat marsh is where bats and birds would really help.

      Getting rid of standing puddles should be task #1, but it’s a huge job… one idiot with a few old tires out back could produce millions of skeeters. Also, Zika+ people need to stay behind skeeter nets to prevent infecting the clean skeeters.

  10. Steve Hollar says:

    People can be so pathetically stupid and paranoid. I hope every one of the protesters get bit and contract the Zika virus. Idiots.

  11. Bring out the DDT!!! Nothing wrong with it, but liberal, wrong-headed “science” did it in. Thank you libs. Had we had DDT, we wouldn’t have West Nile or Zika!!!

  12. Buzz41 says:

    Let the stupid protesters get the Zika virus. Who cares?

  13. Beau says:

    Oxitec’s genetically engineered mosquitos (spliced with protein fragments from the herpes virus, e coli bacteria, coral and cabbage, named OX513A) are designed to mate with Zika infected females. In this process the fetus should perish before being born by inserting a pest control gene called tetracycline (tTAV, commonly used as an antibiotic in livestock) into the mosquito causing the insect to not survive to adulthood. tTAV acts as a switch to control the activity of other genes. Here is where the science is flawed: the now genetically engineered males impregnate the Zika females, leaving their offspring to feed off foods rich with tTAV in their local environment. Henceforth keeping the genetically engineered offspring alive. In essence, creating a new genetically modified “Franken-mosquito” with likely worse affects than simple Zika-infected mosquitoes.

  14. Kate Katiera says:

    Seriously! Who knows what they are spraying? In five years people will come down with some creepy cancer from the chemicals and won’t remember that they were sprayed. Why aren’t they allowed to use natural pesticides instead? We the people are being experimented on. These are made up diseases designed to scare and intimidate, and the sheeple believe it just because the government says so.

  15. suibne says:

    the fed will assault any state with a republican government. Jersey, Florida, ARizona etc…..

  16. Ron says:

    It is not The Zika it is TDAP educate itself!!!

  17. DDT almost stamped out malaria in the third world until the tree huggers struck.

  18. Richard S Zoppo says:

    Mosquito caused diseases are the number one cause of death on Planet Earth, and they are comprised of all natural ingredients.

  19. I understand that spraying Naled is a controversial and complicated issue, but I am shocked that the city and the school board is allowing this to happen on a school day. This is potentially putting the students and faculty at risk. One can debate the level of risk, but there is no debate that there is a risk. The spraying should take place over the weekend or school should be closed any day that they spray Naled. It should be treated the same as other closures for issues such as severe weather. Sending out warnings to keep kids and pets indoors until 630am and then expecting parents to send their children to school 30 minutes later is absurd. I find it completely irresponsible that the city officials have allowed this to happen when there is a simple solution… close the schools for the day!

  20. Rosey says:

    And yet I’ll bet most of the women there are consuming steroid laden synthetic hormones–the pill–a class two carcinogen, and no one bats an eye.