By Jim DeFede

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (CBSMiami) – For Jeb Bush, South Carolina’s primary is make or break.

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“Leadership is not pushing people down to make themselves look better,” Bush told a crowd at a rally Friday.

In Columbia, South Carolina, Bush continues to hammer away at front-runner Donald Trump.

“It’s all about him. It’s about how big he is, how successful he is. He goes bankrupt four times and he brags about how he manipulated the system and that that’s a sign of strength. Yeah, tell that to the people who are unemployed and the vendors who got stiffed. It’s not a sign of strength,” he said.

Bush is counting on South Carolina to place alongside Trump and Ted Cruz in the top tier of candidates.

“You all have a chance to make history. You have a chance to reset this race,” he said.

Bush’s strategy in South Carolina is threefold.

1. Bash Trump.

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“All of his talents are to promote himself I’m talking about Trump by the way.”

2. Stress national defense.

“Ultimately, the best way to keep the peace is to have such a strong military that our friends know we have their backs and our enemies fear us.”

3. Make a plea for evangelical voters who make up two-thirds of the Republican electorate.

“I do not believe you put your faith in a lockbox when you’re in public life and say that’s only for private matters. That is totally wrong.”

George W. Bush will be in South Carolina on Monday to help his brother out.

“I am proud of the fact that he’s coming and honored. This is the first time that he has really stepped out in the political realm since he was president I think there will be a lot of interest in what he has to say,” he said.

Bush isn’t the only one with a lot at stake at tomorrow’s debate. Marco Rubio needs a strong debate to rebound from his disastrous performance last time in New Hampshire.

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Jim DeFede