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Where do you spend more time than any other place?

Here’s a hint: most people need about eight hours of sleep each and every night. That’s right, the answer is in bed, and if you have an uncomfortable mattress, it’s not a problem to take lying down.

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The Better Sleep Council has signs you may need a new mattress:

  • You wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches or pains
  • You had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed
  • You’re tired after a full night’s sleep
  • Your mattress sags or is lumpy
  • Your mattress is more than seven years old


Most people don’t change their mattresses as often as they should. In fact, USA Today newspaper conducted a poll, and half the respondents said they found mattress shopping intimidating. The good news is that you don’t have to lose sleep over looking for your perfect mattress for a perfect night’s sleep – and we’ve got some tips to help you.

Here’s the biggest single tip: Nothing matters as much as the fact that the mattress you choose feels great to you. Remember, no matter what the price, no matter what the style – if it doesn’t feel great – don’t buy it. Talking price tips, the reality is that there are quality mattresses at all kinds of price points. You can spend anywhere from $99 to more than $500, but again the important thing is: how does the mattress feel to you? The world’s most expensive mattress might not suit you. People and mattresses are both unique, so the key is getting a good match.

That leads to another tip: This is one product you should never, ever buy without taking a test drive. You have to try it, and that means lying down on it. Lie on your back, lie on your side or your stomach if you sleep that way. Don’t be self-conscious – eight hours a night for seven years can be a long time with the wrong mattress.

It’s funny to think about engineering when it comes to mattresses, but a lot of thought and science goes into making them. Today’s mattresses are a lot better than just a few years ago, with a lot more choices. Understanding the differences might help you understand what it is you like.

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Most mattresses are still innerspring mattresses, which have been the standard for years. They may all look fairly similar from the outside, but inside… big differences. Different types of mattress coils, like wrapped coil or open coil, vary in support and durability, and only you can decide what feels best. It’s a very personal choice.

The top of the mattress can have different components to adjust the comfort level, including:

  • Pillow tops
  • Memory foam that molds to your body
  • Gel topped mattresses that absorb heat and can keep you cool
  • Even hybrids that have both memory foam and coils


Try them all out and see what really makes you feel like kicking back and catching some Z’s.

What size of bed do you have, or what size do you want? Choose a twin, full, queen, king or California king? Mattresses come in all sizes, so look for the features in the size you need. One thing most new mattresses do have in common these days is, though: they tend to be taller than they used to be. We’re talking ten to fourteen inches longer – this increase mostly because of all because of the engineering that goes into the mattresses to make them as comfortable as possible. You might need new sheets.

At the end of the day, mattress preference is unique to each person. That means if there are two of you who’ll be sleeping on the mattress, you need to both try it. If one of you likes the mattress, but the other doesn’t, that’s not a good thing. This doesn’t mean one of you has to sleep unhappy – there are even options to adjust comfort settings on a single mattress or options like 2 twin XL mattresses, each of which can have a different comfort level, that combine to make a king sized bed.

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